5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Your Kids

Having kids is one of life’s best gifts (well, most of the time…). However, as parents, we know that they’re also very accident prone, and they like to put everything in their mouths; included – but not limited to – pieces of Lego, and for some reason, coins. The more opportunity for Lego eating that they have, however, the more at risk they are, and as such, you need to do all that you can to keep your home kid-friendly. Here are 5 ways that you can do so.


#1: Move risky items

OK, so there are some things that just shouldn’t be within reach of children. When you’re a new parent, you may put an item down whilst not thinking about it, but you really need to do all that you can to keep these risky things out of the way. Knives should be in blocks on work surfaces or in the higher cupboards, and things like bleach and laundry detergent should be hidden out of the reach of kids, too.


#2: Keep all windows and doors locked with a key

As mentioned before, kids love to mess with things. However, you don’t want to find that they’ve been opening the front door, and the windows, and potentially making their great escape into the road ahead. This is an obvious point, we know, but it’s easy to forget to lock your windows, and they’re easy to open if not. This will also protect your family from external dangers, so it’s a good idea.


#3: Think about your fireplace

Aah, fireplaces. There’s nothing that adds that old-fashioned, homely feel quite like them, huh? However, they bring plenty of dangers to young children, and you need to make sure that you can avoid these things. You can get a fireguard if you’d prefer to keep that vintage vibe; if not, looking into electric fires like those at Real Flame could be a good idea. They are a lot safer, and they look amazing!


#4: Turn parental controls on

Something that has recently begun to dominate our homes is technology, and it’s probably present in almost every room. From your television to your iPads and phones, they all have one thing in common: your kids love to play around with them. Make sure that you protect your children from the dangers of the online world, however, by adding parental controls to your devices.


#5: Be alert when you’re cooking

Another no-brainer here, but cooking and kids rarely go well together. If your child reaches up and touches the handle of the pan whilst you’re cooking, they could pull it off the stove, and end up with serious injuries. Keep the pan handles away from the edge of the cooker, and don’t leave hot plates or food around if you can. Keeping an eye on your kids is also key (although you can’t all of the time, of course!).


So, if you want to make your home safer for your kids, then remember these 5 simple tips. Of course, you already know most of them, but it’s nice to know that somebody else had to say goodbye to that lovely vintage fireplace, huh?


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