A New Home Without Moving Home!

If you know you need something new, and you need it fast, then we know you’re going to be thinking about moving home. But, how much effort is moving home!? If you want something fast, this is definitely not the route you need to be going down. The route you need to go down is a transformation of the home. It’ll take a few weeks, maybe 6 at most, and you won’t have to deal with all the stress of moving home.

Because moving home is one of the biggest and longest ordeals you’ll ever have to go through. If you’re trying to move into a home that isn’t fully complete yet, the delays could stretch for months. If anything at all gets in the way of the legalities, then you could also wait months. So, the solution here is to make use of what you have. As long as you have enough space, there are plenty of ways that you can make your home like new again. So, have a read of the new home advice we’ve got below, and see if you can transform yours again!


You’ve Got To Get Rid Of The Old

It’s a given, if you want a new home, you can’t have it without all of the old things that you hate so much about your home. For a lot of you, it’s going to be decor. The decor you first chose when moving into your new home definitely won’t be what you want it to be now, especially if you have gone more than a year and a half with the same decor. Even if it’s not necessarily the style that you’re hating, it won’t change the fact that the decor might have been ruined in various different ways.

The moisture in the air might have made the wallpaper begin to peel over time, you might have got black bag marks all over the paint or wallpaper where your bag knocked the walls, or you might have split a drink or two down the bottom of it. We all inflict a little damage to our walls over time, but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to replace. Wallpaper is a bigger pain than paint, but all you need to do is steam it off the walls, sand them down, and lay some fresh wallpaper. We would highly recommend going for a white themed wallpaper. It allows the room to be light and inviting, and pretty much anything goes with the color white.


We also think you need to reconsider your carpet if you’ve had the same for years. We know carpet can get pretty expensive to change, but, if you’ve had the same for years, it’s going to have experienced some wear and tear. That fluffy bouncy feeling you will have once felt when you first bought it will be no more, and there might be stain or two along the way. If this sounds like an accurate description of your carpet, then get it redone! You’d be surprised at how much of a difference the fresh walls and some new carpet would make. In fact, we would go as far as to say you don’t need to do anything else at all if you make these two small changes!


The Most Perfect Renovation Ideas

Is there a better way to make your home new without moving, than to renovate as many rooms as you can. Unless you’ve come into some kind of fortune, or you’re really well off, then this paragraph is to show you what you could have in a year or two. Because we know how expensive bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and even things like loft conversions are. But, for the price you pay, you do get a totally new room that won’t need anything doing to it for years and years to come! So, the first perfect renovation idea we have is the bathroom.

An outdated bathroom isn’t a good one at all, but a new one can give you that spa-like feeling. One idea we really like the look of is a dark tiled bathroom, with a deep sunk bath, and fancy waterfall bath taps. They’re excellent for giving you a relaxing feeling, and the dark tiles will help to keep the room inviting, rather than a bright room which would take away some of the relaxations. Or, if baths aren’t your thing, you could always go for a walk in shower with a rainfall head. All fancy hotel bathrooms have them now, and they can be really therapeutic to stand under if you’re feeling stressed!


The second renovation idea we have is actually the garage. If you don’t use it to put your car in it, then you’re probably using it to hoard absolutely everything you could possibly hoard in there. So, take some time to clear it out, and get yourself a shed in the garden to transfer all of your hoarded goods to. Then, you can think about what you would like to convert the room to. A lot of people chose something like a gym, but you could go for a whole new room. It could be a second living room, a bedroom, anything! All you would need to find is a team of people to renovate the room for you, insulate it, install heating, and then you’ve just got the decoration left!


A Fresh Vibe

If you’re trying to go for a new home look, you need to have a fresh vibe going on. Changing the decor to something light and bright will help, but there are more things you can do. For example, in the bedroom, you could go for fresh curtains, blackout blinds, and new bedding. Three simple changes that can make all of the difference to your room. Or, if you want to go really fresh, experiment with indoor plants. You don’t want to go for anything that’s too big, but there’s no harm in getting a little plant for every room!


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