A Tidy and Orderly Home Is Possible When You Have a Dog

Everyone knows that are plenty of benefits to owning a dog. They’re beautiful creatures, with warm spirits, and if you give them love, then they’ll give you plenty in return. But there’s one annoying aspect of dog-ownership, and that is that they can sometimes make your home a little more unclean than you’d like. So is it possible to have a tidy, orderly, well-kept home when you have a canine in your family? We think yes. Check out some of our tips below.


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Keep the Pooch Well-Groomed

The biggest impact your dog will have is connected to its smell. Dogs have a certain scent that visitors will notice the second they arrive in your home. The best approach, therefore, is to limit the strength of that scent! You can do this by keeping your pet clean and well-groomed. If they have a weekly bath, there’ll never be enough time for that deep “dog” smell to creep in. Also, if you’re giving your dog a thorough brushing every week, there’ll only be so much hair they’re able to shed.


And the Toys

While you should spend most of your time thinking about your dog, it’s important that you don’t forget about that other source of smell: their toys! Think about it. Your dog is carrying those toys around in their mouth all day, and, let’s be honest, a dog’s breath isn’t so great, is it? If they can be machine-washed, then do so. Aside from getting rid of the build-up of bad smells, you’ll also be helping to reduce bacteria.


Food Issues

Your dog’s going to go through a lot of chow! Alas, this food, if not managed properly, can cause some issues in the home. If you’re leaving the food in the open, then you might attract other animals to your home, which can cause no end of problems. Those in the wild don’t know that the food isn’t for them! You might have to work with a raccoon removal expert or hire someone who can spot the telltale signs of pest infestation. To prevent these issues, don’t leave any dog food in easy to reach spaces, and remove – and clean – the bowl once your dog has finished eating.


Corner Off Certain Areas

Your dog is part of your family, but that doesn’t mean that they need to access every corner of your home. If you have rooms in your house that are especially nice, then corner them off from your pet. They won’t know what they’re missing anyway! Even in places where your dog is allowed, you may wish to have a “not on the couch” policy, as these are magnets for smells and bacteria.


Deep Cleaning

Every now and again, you’ll want to have a deep clean, which will include getting into those hard to reach spots where dog hair can easily build up. It does take a little bit of extra work to keep your home in sound shape when you have a dog, but it’s far from impossible!


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