Hello there, I’m Veronica! I run BossPrincess101 for young souls to be inspired by my parenting skills, my techniques with life, DIY projects, the delicious recipes I make for my family, and I love sharing my favorite products with others! I have been a multi-influencer for about 4 years. The past few months I have also really dedicated myself to helping businesses. My goal is to help people build better, not bigger, businesses at the end of each day.

Maybe you are struggling to find your worth. Or you are overworked, and hardly have enough time to do the things you want to do. Perhaps you are afraid to charge what you are worth, and are barely getting by.

I’ve been there. I have been through all of that and stumbled into the dark for quite a few years until I figured out how to conquer and deal with my problems. Now I am here to help you.

I can help you get inspired with your home projects, inspire you to use and try out some amazing products, give you good recipes to try out for your family, fun projects to do with your children, build your business stronger, pick up where you are slacking, and along the way you can learn some personal things about myself!

I want to make you better off than you were before you met me.



So let me tell you exactly what I do.

I write blog posts about my life and person thoughts. I share a lot of information about parenting and how to raise your little one. I collaborate with a bunch of different companies that my son and I like the most. You will see us unbox items, use items, I will do before & after pictures, I will educate you about what the products are and how they are beneficial. I also help companies with things that they do not have time for. If they need more sales, I make more sales. If they need more reviews so others can decide if they want the product or not than I will write my personal review of the product. If the company needs help with responding back to e-mails than I will do that. There is a variety of different tasks I will do for companies, you can check them out here.

I don’t give any bullshit reviews nor do I talk things up more than what they really are, just my tried tested and true results-based techniques.


And for those of you who are curious about my personal life (its cool, I’m curious about yours too) here are some facts about me:

I grew up in Missouri, jumping around all over the northwest side of the state; Kansas City, Maryville, Tarkio, & Saint Joseph.

I have been promoting EDM shows & rap concerts for almost five years now.

I’m currently enrolled in online classes to be a medical billing specialist but I’m slacking hardcore because I love making money as a VA and reviewing products.

Maverik Dean is my one and only son, he is almost a year an a half.

Pageants use to be my number priority and I did several modeling gigs before I was 14 years old. The reason I stopped was because I wanted tattoos and piercings. I probably have more tattoos than you.

I sell Herbalife because I like to help people achieve their weight goals whether its losing weight or gaining weight.

I also sell SeneGence because taking care of my skin is so so so important to me, and I love their makeup!


We Would Love To Hear From You

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And make sure you are always checking back to see whats new. I’m a born hustler, and I love helping others make money so I will always be sharing something new with you!

Surround yourself with people that who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious!


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