The Adjustments You’ll Need to Make as Your Baby Becomes a Toddler

Now that your baby isn’t really a baby anymore, you need to think about how life is going to change and what the main adjustments you’re going to need to make are. Toddlers behave very differently, and there will be certain habits that they start to pick up that you won’t have seen up until now. Things are always changing when you’re a parent of young children, and it’s important you accept that. Here are some of the adjustments that will need to be made now your baby is a toddler.


Food Needs Will Change Massively

The food that your child eats will be getting a lot different right about now. You will be feeding them more conventional foods, rather than baby foods as they grow up. And you will certainly notice that they become far more adventurous with food. They’ll want to try many different things and see which foods are tasty and which are not. Of course, this experimentation should be encouraged.


You’ll Need to Hide Anything They Might Want to Grab

As well as trying lots of foods, there’ll be many other things that they want to pick up and stick in their mouths. This is all part of growing up and learning about what’s around them. So you will probably want to start hiding things that are left lying around. If you don’t, you will find that those things will be grabbed, bitten, thrown around and maybe broken.


Change Their Bedroom Up

Their sleeping arrangements will be starting to change now, and you’ll need to buy them new furniture for their bedroom. First of all, you’ll need the right bed, and you can find one in the toddler bed collection at Cuckooland. You should also look at other bedroom furniture, as well as educational toys and games that will help them to develop their minds as they grow up.


Keep Play Areas Limited

Play can become much more exuberant and energetic now your child is a toddler. That’s why it’s best to start confining play to specific play areas in your home. This will help to contain the chaos and stop your home from becoming overburdened by the mess and clutter than comes with play time with a toddler.


Your Task of Keeping Your Child Entertained Will Become Harder

When your child is smaller, it’s pretty easy to keep them entertained. But as they get older, they will become much less easy to please as they demand more and expect more. You will find that they want to play around with tech and watch television. As well as that stuff, you should try to encourage outdoor fun so they learn about the importance of this at an early age.



Children grow up fast, so they’ll move through the various stages of their childhood pretty quickly from here on out. Just make the most of watching your child grow up and remember that their needs and your role as a parent will be changing all the time. But that’s something you should embrace.

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