Amazing Home Staging And Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

If you want to sell your home, there is no denying you are going to have competition on your hands. One way you can ensure you give yourself the greatest chance of a quick and profitable sale is with home staging. This is all about enhancing and presenting your home in the best possible manner. Read on to discover plenty of tips to help you get started.


Why you need to neutralize your home for a quick sale

You may love your quirky orange kitchen, but let’s face it, not everyone else will! All home stagers will tell you that you need to neutralize your rooms if you want your house to sell sooner rather than later.

Neutral colors have a wider appeal. But, how else do they help your home to sell quicker? Well, it’s a case of providing your buyers with a blank canvas. The home you are showing is ready to move into. They can bring all of their furniture and accessories without having to worry about how they are going to deal with bright orange walls in the kitchen or Aztec wallpaper in the living room.

Think of it like this… Your blue and red living room may look absolutely stunning. But, what if the buyer has a lilac sofa and a cream rug they wish to bring with them? If you paint the living room in a neutral shade, the buyer can move into the home as it is. They can’t do that if the room boasts bright and vivid shades.

So, basically, I am telling you to make your home more boring? Not at all. Neutralize does not mean you have to paint every single room white or magnolia. If the fixed elements in your living room are brown-toned woods, why not go for ivory or tan?


How staging your entryway can sell your home!

It’s all in the name – an entryway is an entrance to your home! It sets the scene and the atmosphere. Think of it as your greeting card! How would you want to feel as you entered someone’s home? Welcomed, right? Well, a plain and neglected entryway certainly won’t create this feeling! Yet, so many people seem to forget about the entryway.

Buyers are very quick to make decisions. The entryway is undoubtedly going to be the first thing they see inside your home. If you can create a cozy and beautiful ambiance you will make them say wow and they will feel excited about seeing the rest of your property. But, if the entryway is plain white and lacking in any decoration, they will feel somewhat uninspired.

So, how should you stage your entryway? Well, first thing is first, get rid of those shoes! There is nothing worse than walking into a home and seeing the various shoes you have worn during the week! Make sure space is de-cluttered and invest in a couple of beautiful accessories to warm the area – a vase of fresh flowers always works a treat! Or why not purchase some block words saying ‘HOME’ or ‘WELCOME’ – not only do these set the tone, but they are on trend at the moment.


Do you need to buy new furniture to sell your home?

A lot of new home sellers assume that they need to spend lots of money on sprucing up their property before it goes on the market. Yes, spending a bit of cash can go a long way! But, you need to spend your cash on the right things, i.e. items that are going to add value to your home and make it sell quicker. New furniture won’t achieve this!

There are ways of dealing with a chipped coffee table or a shabby sofa without purchasing new ones! If your sofa is looking unattractive and out-dated, why not rent one until your home is sold? Or, even better, can you mask this with a nice throw and a lovely set of cushions? If aspects, such as the coffee table or your office desk, are looking chipped and tacky, why not ask a family member or a friend if you can borrow a replacement?

You are much better off spending money on things that are actually going to increase the value of your home, such as new countertops in the kitchen or getting deck builders in to create a beautiful patio area in your garden! A new sofa may make your living room look more attractive. But, will it make your home sell quicker? Unlikely! Will it increase the value? Certainly not!


Why you need to sell your storage space to sell your home!

One of the main rules of home staging is to de-clutter. So, you pick up all of the bits and pieces you don’t need on the show, and where do you put them? Under the sink? In your wardrobe? In a closet? You’d think so, but unfortunately, your storage space needs to be de-cluttered as well. So, where do you put everything? Well, if there is no room for it to be neatly placed within a cupboard or a closet, the best place is your car at a friend’s house!

But surely a cupboard is for storing things? Why do you need to ensure it looks clean and de-cluttered? Because you want to show the buyer how much room they are going to have to store their things if they purchase your property. If the cupboard under the kitchen sink is relatively empty, they will see that they have plenty of space to put their cleaning products and such like. But, if it is filled with products, it will appear as if there isn’t much space for storage. By clearing out your storage areas you are sending a clear message to your buyers that there is plenty of room for their things and this can be a huge selling point!


Top tips for painting the exterior of your home to help it sell

First impressions are everything! They always say you should never judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it, we all do! A viewer can make up their mind about your property as soon as they arrive. So, the exterior of your home is extremely important! Here are some top exterior painting tips to help your property sell…

  • Appeal to all tastes – Try and keep your color selection pretty neutral. By doing this you will appeal to a wider audience. You play a risky game if you go for an unusual or vibrant color. For every person that loves it, there is bound to be someone who hates it!
  • Match the color to the fixed elements of your home – Fixed elements are those that you cannot easily change – the bricks, the stone, and the roof. If you have a dark brown roof and your home is made from bricks with a lighter brown tone, you can’t paint the exterior of your home grey. Instead, go for something with a warmer tone, such as beige.
  • Choose a color in relation to the season – If it is the middle of winter and the sky is gloomy and grey, it’s not a great idea to paint your home in slate blue and grey shades! Do you really want to pile on the misery?  


Quick tips to stage your home without spending a penny!

Last but not least, you don’t have to break the bank to stage your home to make it sell! In fact, any good home stager will tell you that a good chunk of what they do revolves around re-working what you have already got!

Here are some top tips for staging your home without even opening your purse…

  • Clear away clutter – Clutter makes your home look smaller – it’s as simple as that! And let’s face it; who really wants to buy a cramped home? Go around every room and remove anything that does not add to the presentation of it.
  • Rearrange rooms – Consider the layout of the room. Does it make the area look spacious? Is it welcoming? If your furniture items or placed against the wall you should consider grouping them.
  • Get rid of personal items – Family photographs, religious items, awards, medals… pack them all away! Why? They are distracting and they make it difficult for the buyers to picture themselves living in your home!
  • Clean, clean, clean – Scrub until you cannot scrub anymore! The buyer doesn’t want to look at your dining table and see the remains of last night’s dinner! It’s not all about what you can see either! Deodorising is just as important.

So there you have it: the complete guide to home staging and marketing. Good luck!


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