Believe Me; Trust Is Bad For Your Health

To trust someone is an amazing thing. Without any evidence or data, you believe in them to do the right thing. Aside from saving you time, money and energy, it means you have people you can rely on at all times. As a rule, a level of trust is an essential part of life.

So, why is it bad for your health? If it were as necessary as people like to imagine, it would only be a good thing, right?

An element of trust can be helpful depending on the circumstances. However, it can also lead you to do silly things such as the examples below.


Believing Doctors

On the whole, it’s best to follow the advice of medical professionals. However, they are human and not exempt from making mistakes. And, they will try and cover them up if they think their livelihood is at stake. As sneaky as it sounds, lots of doctors haven’t admitted to errors even though their negligence has left people with permanent ailments. There’s no need to answer tough questions when trusting patients don’t ask them in the first place. The good news medical malpractice lawyers will. If you should trust anyone, it’s an attorney to get to the bottom of a tricky situation.


And Celebrities

For some reason, people take the advice of celebs even though they are normal human beings. Yes, they are higher up the ladder in some respects, but acting or singing doesn’t apply to your health. Because artists sell millions of records in a week, it doesn’t mean they’re qualified to give well-being advice. And, we as a society should know better than to listen to them, especially when they are paid to give their “opinion.” The same goes for unreliable sites on the internet too. Here’s how to tell when tips are nonsense wrapped up as advice.


Lacking Context

The experts come out with conclusions and you take them at face value. How many times has this happened in the past? Think about the WHO classing red meat in the same bracket as smoking for causing cancer. A steak isn’t going to mutilate your cells to the same degree, although it can if you eat too much. Still, people see a headline and think “I should become a vegan.” Give up meat by all means, but don’t do it through a lack of understanding. After all, protein is a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet.



It’s not only the researchers and medical specialists that get traction; pharmaceutical companies do, too. Some people will see a headline or an advert and believe it when it markets a miracle cure. Firstly, there is no such thing. Secondly, this trust encourages you to take medication without consulting an unbiased source. A doctor can tell you whether it’s a pack of lies, yet your faith means you don’t think twice. Popping an aspirin or using a lotion might seem benign, but the impacts can escalate out of control.


Are you too trusting regarding your health?

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