Best activities for children during winter break


Between the winter weather and last minute shopping, it is not always easy to find things for children to do during the holidays.

The Christmas holidays, which arguably last from the end of Halloween through New Years’ Day, our children’s favorite time of year. But in order to prevent the excitement and impatience for Christmas Day from transforming these days of rest into a parental nightmare, it is important to have some family activities to propose to children.

Local guides, neighborhoods experts and shopping mall are particularly creative this time of year, working overtime to provide new activities that maintain the magic of Christmas. Here are some ideas to get your kids out and about during this holiday season!  


Get that energy out!

To let out some of the energy which is often over-flowing in children, there’s nothing comparable to a highly physical activity, such as a trip to the pool or an indoor water park. It provides a privileged moment in which the entire family, both young and old, can relax.

A hot chocolate or tea afterward is the perfect seasonal drink to warm up the whole family after a satisfying swim.


Children’s Christmas outing

Despite the cold, the Christmas holidays are actually an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking: the month of December is generally not rainy, and the roads are dry and easily passable by all. If the weather permits, you can plan a hike which lasts a few hours (as long as you keep in mind when the sun sets).

In colder temperatures, avoid and hiking trails which exceed two hours: small bodies cool faster and exercising outside for long periods of time without rest can be dangerous. As for babies, it is important to always be vigilant in cold weather: take care to cover them well.


Quiet activities

To wind down from the constant excitement the holidays bring, it is a good idea to relax with a more quiet activity. The most beautiful cartoons, movies, and plays often come out at the end of the year—take the opportunity to discover them in family cinema or a local theater.

If you prefer more manual activities, we suggest a cooking workshop: intended for children 5 years and older (although younger kids can always assist as “cooking elves!”), they are perfect for exercising fine motor skills.

During the end-of-year, visiting the main streets of each town is even more fun, as they are often filled with Christmas-themed entertainment. The whole family can enjoy the various Christmas lights, fairy decorations, Christmas markets, storytelling, etc. It is the best time to discover or rediscover these magical monuments of our local heritage.

A museum is also a place of discovery which allows your children to explore new horizons, while simultaneously providing learning experiences. Fun and interactive, a trip to the local museum can be done with family and/or friends and is especially useful as a warm respite during the frigid temperatures of the holiday season.

Have you ever been to a workshop in a planetarium? This extraordinary outing will immerse you and your children in a wonderful starry world; some planetariums even offer special Christmas activities and decorations for the end of the year. A museum or planetarium is a great way to spend a family moment rich in creating discoveries and memories.


Activities with Snowshoes

If you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas, or if you are in the mountains, enjoy! Snowball battles, snow angels and snowman making will delight children. Of course, it’s impossible to see snow without having a good sleigh ride.

Don’t forget to bring proper show shoes for both you and your children, as the best hills for sleighs require a bit of hiking and can be quite slippery. Spending quality time in the snow allows children of all ages to live the magic of the natural beauty of the Christmas season.

Through all of the hecticness which comes with the Christmas season, remember to relax and enjoy this time you have with your family to create lasting memories. From all of us to you, have a nice holiday vacation!

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