3 Better Alternatives To Boring Gifts

Some people are great at buying gifts. They know exactly what you want and they’re always getting something amazing for everybody. I am not one of those people. Buying gifts are so hard for a lot of us and usually, they just end up being generic gifts which are ok, but not exactly mind-blowing. For a lot of people, the go-to gift if you can’t think of anything else is a bottle of wine or something but that isn’t an option when you’re buying gifts for a recovering addict. If you’re struggling to find a gift for somebody but all you can come up with are boring things that you know they probably won’t like, what can you do? How about you compromise and get them one of these better alternatives to boring gifts.



Socks are the classic boring gift and men especially get so many of them every year. It’s not always the worst gift because it’s actually pretty practical. Everybody needs socks but nobody particularly likes buying them. That said, they’re not exactly the most thoughtful or inventive gift. But they can be. Personalized gifts are far more interesting and now you can put any face on socks. A pair of socks with their face, or even your face, is a way better and more thoughtful gift than just grabbing a generic pair of socks and giving that to them.



Novelty mugs are another go-to gift for people that have limited gift-giving abilities. They’re not quite as bad as socks and a lot of people do love a good novelty mug, but if you’ve been bought one every year for as long as you remember, it might start to get a bit old. But what about a novelty mug that revolutionizes the way that you drink hot beverages. Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but a self-stirring mug that does all of the spoon work for you is a far better gift than another tacky mug with a rubbish joke on it. You can be sure that they’ll forget about all of their other novelty mugs once you give them this. They’ll never be able to go back to a normal mug again.


This is another one for men, I guess they’re just more difficult to buy gifts for so they usually end up with the boring stuff. Everybody needs a wallet but it’s a functional item that you probably just buy for yourself when you need one. It’s not the kind of thing that you’re desperately hoping to get given as a gift. But if you’re completely out of ideas and you absolutely have to go for a wallet, go for one that does more than just hold their money. You can get some nice, stylish looking wallets that have a phone charger built in for extra practicality. All of their worries about running out of battery while they’re out and about will disappear overnight.


If you really can’t think of any inventive gifts and you absolutely have to go for the boring cliches, at least go for these more interesting alternatives.


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