Six Brilliant Gifts For The Curious Child In Your Family

Children go through phases. Some want to be astronauts. Some want to drive trains long distance. There are even some children out there who go through a phase of wanting to be a Pokemon. When your child hits that phase in life where they set their sites on a goal and spend every day bombarding you with questions and constantly asking ‘why’ to everything that you say, you could be forgiven for wanting to pull your hair out. However, when this phase comes along you need to nurture it and raise it up. Your child is questioning the world around it and no matter how relentless, they can only keep their curiosity if you allow them to, if you encourage them to.

Trying to give gifts to the children that have it all isn’t easy, but giving gifts to a curious child? That’s a little easier. A curious child needs their brain tested, their senses challenges and their spirits heightened. It’s about more than the best lightweight binoculars for their adventures in the garden and on the beaches. It’s diving in and knowing that you’ve got birthday and Christmas covered with some exciting, intriguing and fun gifts – and we’ve got six of those right here.



Science Kits.

Kits like these are fantastic for children with an inquisitive mind. Young botanists in the house will love the way that by following instructions they can make something amazing. The fact that they are carnivorous plants makes it much more exciting, too!

Tinkering Kits.

The little inventors in your life need something to get their hands on, take apart and put back together. Keeping little hands busy with The LittleBits Kit can help them to develop skills to create their own inventions.


Little girls are hit at every day with pink and frilly clothing by the fashion industries. Sometimes, the girls out there want dinosaurs and engines and trains, and you can reflect their style in that.

Science Sets.

Children love to create something out of nothing, which is why baking cookies has always been so fun. Instead, gift this science kit for creating edible chemicals that they can mix and bubble to their heart’s content, keeping your household goods safe!

A Pet.

Children that are curious often need something to nurture, but that doesn’t mean that you should be running out to buy them a dog. This bioluminescent pet dinosaur houses dinoflaggelates in its glass belly. These are thousands of glow in the dark plankton, which your child will absolutely love!


Brainteasers are brilliant for curious children, especially if they are on par with the Rubix cube. Wooden puzzle balls that you can take apart and put back together can change how busy your child is without using screen time to keep them occupied. Watching their face as they complete the puzzle is worth the cash!

Your curious child can change the world one day – wouldn’t you like to make that happen from right now?


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