Tips On Keeping Your Furniture Clean!

Here is a list of ways you can keep all of your furniture clean! Some of the ideas may seem CRAZY but I want you to know it really works! Also if you try using one of my tips & tricks and you happen to do it the wrong way […]

Learn The Best Tips To Get Your Kitchen Clean!

Here are some of the BEST ways to keep your kitchen clean! Appliances: To shine chrome, use vinegar or window cleaner. If the numbers on your oven dial are worn, take a yellow crayon and rub it all over the number on the dial. Gently wipe off the excess crayon […]

Learn How To Remove Clothing Stains The Right Way!

So you are out at the club with your friends, wearing a beautiful white blouse, all the sudden someone accidentally bumps into you and that beautiful white blouse turns red. ugh!  You think that $40 blouse is ruined but really there is a way to turn it white again! What […]

No More Baking Failures!

Most baking failures or problems are caused either by the baker or the recipe the baker is using. So I put together some notes to make your baking experience just a little bit better! Biscuits: Rough biscuits caused by insufficient mixing. Dry biscuits caused from baking in too slow an […]