Teach Your Children About Healthy Eating With Colorful Food! -Foost Review

  When you teach your children healthy eating habits with colorful food and model these behaviors in yourself, you can help your children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth. Also if your children pick these eating habits up when they are young than this will help them maintain a […]

The Best Sensory Books For The Summer of 2018!

  As a new mother, I know how hard it is to pick out some great books for your little one because there are so many! Your child’s development is always our main priority as a parent. Here are some of Maverik’s favorite sensory books he will be reading this […]

Why Is Usborne Books The Best In 2018?

  You can make an account here with me on the Usborne Books site and you can put books on your wish list, see if you like it! What doesn’t get better than getting books for your little one and also selling books to other moms/teachers/friends or family members for […]

Review On Sippy Cup Strap & Baby Cover!

This post is about a review Maverik got the opportunity to do for Hnybaby.com. Maverik loves shopping and we love sharing our favorite products with you! HnyBaby Multi-Use Cover The multi-use cover can be used as a high-chair cover. Keeping Maverik away from the germs on those public high-chairs. These multi-use covers […]

The Best Easter Books For Children 2018!

Enjoy the season by reading these adorable Easter books with your little ones! Make your little ones learn all about the origins of the Easter Bunny, and teach them all about the spiritual significance of the holiday! Here are some exciting Easter books that Maverik enjoyed reading with me this […]

Buy One Give One Book & Clothing Review For Children!

As parents, we are always shopping for our little ones. We tend to spend quite a bit of money. Wouldnt it feels good to buy from a company knowing they are giving something back to the community? Buy one give one is a great way to go in your business! […]

MyBToys- Free The Children

B. POWERFUL. Every B. toy you buy gives a portion of sales to Free The Children. May not sound like a lot, but over time proceeds add up to change the world. MyBToys Started by 12-year-old Craig Kielburger in 1995, Free The Children is proving that it takes a child. That children […]