Let Me Help You Get Healthy Again With Herbalife Nutrition!

Herbalife is the best weight loss shake I have found. I have a lot of passion and love for this product and that is why I am writing this post for you. I am going to sum the whole diet up for you. You can decide if you would like […]

Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Do you need a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?   In his new e-book, Bryan Miles, CEO of BELAY, explains why. He provides 9 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to Staffing: It takes forever to find the right person… Employees cost more than their salary You have to find a place to put people You need […]

Yardley Bar Soap Review. “Me Time”!

Self-care as a mom is so important! We can not be our best if we are not taking care of ourselves. Whether you are taking a bath, exercising, organizing, cleaning, getting your nails done, getting a massage, whatever your “me time” is, you really need to make sure you have that […]

11 Tips For Stressed Out Moms Of Little Ones!

Are you a stressed out mom of little ones? Hey, there mama! Yes, you, the one with Cheerios smashed into your carpet, whose living room looks like a toy store slash laundry mat and who may or may not have taken a shower in the past 48 hours – how […]

How To Deal With Mom Shaming!

  I remember thinking as a teenager “I can’t wait to grow up there won’t be any more drama from these girls”. But now I’m realizing there is this new thing called “mom shaming”. The drama never really stops…   Where Is Mom Shaming Coming From? It’s coming from other […]

Pregnancy Detox

If you are planning to have a baby it is very important to consider changing your bad habits into good ones before you try to conceive. Women today have to take care of any history of exposure to toxins either from the environment or unhealthy diet in order to appropriately […]