11 Tips For Stressed Out Moms Of Little Ones!

Are you a stressed out mom of little ones? Hey, there mama! Yes, you, the one with Cheerios smashed into your carpet, whose living room looks like a toy store slash laundry mat and who may or may not have taken a shower in the past 48 hours – how […]

How To Deal With Mom Shaming!

  I remember thinking as a teenager “I can’t wait to grow up there won’t be any more drama from these girls”. But now I’m realizing there is this new thing called “mom shaming”. The drama never really stops…   Where Is Mom Shaming Coming From? It’s coming from other […]

Safety With Children In A Positive Way!

Your child’s safety should always be your number one concern! “Safety With Strangers” is a 5-day FREE introduction course!  Course description: Are you afraid that your child may not be safe with strangers and other people around him? Are you looking for an easy, positive, and effective way to teach […]

Daycare 101!

  . I have been a stay at home mom since I have had Maverik and I personally am just uncomfortable with the whole daycare idea. Usually, I always hired nannies and for a day or two we tried out the in-home daycare. I’m also part of this great program […]

The Perfect Child Development Program!

Kinedu is one of my favorite apps! Kinedu is your baby’s personalized child development – helping parents develop nourishing and meaningful relationships through creative activities, helpful tips, and unique ‘moments’. You can use this program on the web or through your ios and android app. The program is giving moms, dads, aunts, […]