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    The 42 Mommy And I Date Ideas!

      So Maverik is officially past the first year of his life. It was long and boring! I am so excited to start making memories with him now that he is alert and know whats going on. I want to spend as much quality time with him as I possibly can. I decided to create this “mommy and I date […]

  • Safety With Children In A Positive Way!

    Your child’s safety should always be your number one concern! “Safety With Strangers” is a 5-day FREE introduction course!  Course description: Are you afraid that your child may not be safe with strangers and other people around him? Are you looking for an easy, positive, and effective way to teach him safety skills? Do you […]

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    Easing Into Childcare!

    Deciding which of the many childcare options works best for you and your family is the first step to making your childcare experience successful. Step two to starting childcare off the right way by making sure your little one is as comfortable with the person or people taking care of him. If your little one is under […]

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    Are Moms Really Good Moms?

      Mothers are, well … motherly. They’re effortlessly patient, affectionate and nurturing, and it all comes naturally from a place deep inside… Right? At least that’s the world’s perception of what it takes to be a mother—a good one anyway. But it’s not always true. Not every mother feels like a natural mom. Some of […]

  • The Perfect Child Development Program!

    Kinedu is one of my favorite apps! Kinedu is your baby’s personalized child development – helping parents develop nourishing and meaningful relationships through creative activities, helpful tips, and unique ‘moments’. You can use this program on the web or through your ios and android app. The program is giving moms, dads, aunts, friend, and child caregivers to […]