Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Do you need a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?   In his new e-book, Bryan Miles, CEO of BELAY, explains why. He provides 9 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to Staffing: It takes forever to find the right person… Employees cost more than their salary You have to find a place to put people You need […]

How To Deal With Mom Shaming!

  I remember thinking as a teenager “I can’t wait to grow up there won’t be any more drama from these girls”. But now I’m realizing there is this new thing called “mom shaming”. The drama never really stops…   Where Is Mom Shaming Coming From? It’s coming from other […]

Buy One Give One Book & Clothing Review For Children!

As parents, we are always shopping for our little ones. We tend to spend quite a bit of money. Wouldnt it feels good to buy from a company knowing they are giving something back to the community? Buy one give one is a great way to go in your business! […]

These Apps Made Me Easy Cash!

Have you ever gotten those invites to certain apps where if you download it, you add your card, then you invite your friends, and for every friend that joins you get cash? Do you ever wonder if those apps are legit? Well, I have some great news for you! They […]

Self-care Mommy Bath!

So many people are always so fascinated with my baths, and all the products I use. My friends are always asking me questions! So I thought I would write a blog and share it with everyone! Items you will need: -bath salt -bath sponge/loofa -candles -book -music -feet pampering kit […]