Learn How CBD Saved My Sons Life When He Was A Baby!

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On March 3rd, 2017, my beautiful baby boy, Maverik Dean, was brought into this world. I was so happy and blessed to have this little boy in my life. My life changed forever, and for the better! Maverik had to stay in the hospital for an extra week because he was having respiratory problems. I had noticed my son was twitching a little bit during that week, and I had asked the doctor if that was normal. They said it was nothing I needed to worry about so I blew it off. I was so excited to go home, but I was so nervous at the same time. I was a single mother, but thankfully my mother, Lisa, came and stayed with us for the first month.

The first month went by super fast.

All three of us really just stayed at home all the time, and once a week we would take Maverik to see the doctor for a check-up. Maverik and I were so blessed to have my mother stay around and help us for that month. I personally had no idea what I was doing. When the second month came around, my mother had to go back to her family and her career. Maverik and I were super bummed that she had to leave us, but we understood.

The second month I started to take Maverik out a little bit more to see family, friends, and sometimes to the store. I noticed once in awhile my son would have these twitching moments in his car seat, and it really freaked me out. Immediately I made a doctor’s appointment, but the doctor told me that everything was okay. I had a gut feeling that she was wrong but maybe I’m the one wrong, after all, she was the doctor, not me.

The third month came and there were about two weeks straight he had 3 strong episodes of him twitching extremely bad.

One minute we would be laughing, smiling, having a great time, and all of the sudden his eyes would stare off into space, and he would just start twitching all over, and his body would get extremely overheated. Maverik was drenched in sweat. These episodes lasted about 5 minutes each. I remember I would undress him, and sit in front of a fan to cool him off and try to make him more comfortable. I knew something was wrong, so I took him to the doctor again and she told me she wanted to get a video of my son having an episode. Are you serious? This woman was tripping if she thought I was going to let this just pass by again. So I found a doctor in Kansas City about an hour drive from where we live.

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So I took Maverik down to his first appointment with this new doctor.

That first visit I was so nervous. Waiting in the waiting room was the longest wait of my life. We got in to see the doctor. She really took in everything I said. She asked us to come back in about a week so she could do some research with the information I had shared with her. Maverik and I came back a week later and the doctor finally had some news for us. Maverik has been having Febrile Seizures. When the doctor told me that my heart started to rush, and I began to cry my eyes out like a baby. Soon I started to blame myself for being a bad mother. I kept asking myself what did I do wrong, and what could I have done differently, I felt like a really bad mother for “giving” my son this condition. The doctor calmed me down, and she started to go over what exactly this condition was.

Febrile seizures are rare in children.

It commonly occurs on the first day of a fever. It may last a few minutes and it’s harmless. Symptoms include staring, severe shaking/twitching, or tightening of the muscles. The child could lose consciousness. This condition usually only happens in newborn children to age six. Usually, the seizure only happens once, but studies have shown it can happen more than once. In Maverik’s case, he had a more serious case. When the doctor told me all of this information I was feeling more blessed. One thing I was super worried about was Maverik having brain damage, but that was not going to be a problem. I asked the doctor what the next step was to get my son treated for his seizure.

cbd cbdoil bossprincess101 cannabidiol marijuana weed pot healthy health seizures kidseziures CBDforkids

The doctor we had, had recommended CBD to us. She told me there was a CBD Store right down the street from the doctor’s office. She told me to ask for the manager and to get his idea of a dosage and then to come to see her in a couple weeks. The doctor was so confident about this store. So I did what any mother would have done and I rushed to the store.

I talked to the manager, and he was just amazing!

He even played with Maverik, and they had a lot of giggles and laughter together. He recommended a bottle to Maverik, and he said to just put about four drops in Maverik’s bottle of milk once or twice a day. The other option was to drop it under Maverik’s tongue, but with him being so young I knew that was going to be a battle. The first bottle the manager actually gave it to us for free and told me to come back if it didn’t work, but he knew we would be back to buy more. He was so confident, and it felt so good to have someone help us and he really did care about Maverik’s health. I was also really thankful that there was a cure for my son in our state, and we didn’t have to drive somewhere else to get my son the help he needed.

Two weeks passed and my son didn’t have a single episode.

We followed up with the doctor, we followed up back at the store, everything was great! We were so blessed! I was so happy that we didn’t have to go through anything worse to find out what was wrong with Maverik. I was so happy we found a medicine to help him right away. Maverik is about nine months now, he has not had a single episode, and he is up to date on all his milestones. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped us get through this tough time in our lives. Thank you for helping my son get the medicine he needed. CBD is truly a miracle drug.

cbd cbdoil bossprincess101 cannabidiol marijuana weed pot healthy health seizures kidseziures CBDforkidscbd cbdoil bossprincess101 cannabidiol marijuana weed pot healthy health seizures kidseziures CBDforkids

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