The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Nanny!

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Look For These Things In Your Interview!

I know they say do not judge a book by its cover, but please judge! It is necessary!

Looks put-together. If a nanny is well kept together than that shows how well she will keep your baby together. Is she neatly dressed and groomed? (A strong fashion sense isn’t important, but dirty fingernails and unwashed hair are bad signs.)

Interacts well with your child. Part of your interview needs to be your child and the nanny playing and interacting. Does the nanny seem patient, caring, and attentive? Is she comfortable holding and playing with your little one? It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if your baby is crying or seems disinterested (he may have some stranger anxiety) what’s more telling is how the nanny handles the situation. One of my blogger friends explained how important it is to have that connection between your child and the nanny is.

Asks appropriate questions. A person’s questions show if she’ll be a good nanny for your family. For example, “Does your baby cry a lot?” may mean she’s not up on normal infant behavior (most babies cry a lot). If she asks more questions about when and what she’ll eat for lunch than she does about childcare issues, that’s a red flag too. No questions (or comments) at all can also be told, she may be more interested in any job rather than your specific position, or she may be noncommunicative, neither of which bodes well for your baby.

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Questions To Ask Yourself After The Interview

If there’s any time to rely on your gut reaction, its when you’re making your decision about a nanny. If something feels off it probably is… Ask yourself:

Does she seem intelligent? She should be able to interact with you and your baby. She needs to like to read so she will read to your baby, sing to your baby will be happy and playful.

Did the two of you have good chemistry? You don’t need to be best friends, but you need to be able to get along. She needs to be able to talk to you about your child’s problems or tell you exactly what she did with your little one.

Does she seem reliable? If she’s late, just write her off your list! NO excuses! I seriously HATE late people, it is so rude.

Does she seem physically capable of handling the job? If she complains about stairs than think about how she will feel when she’s chasing a toddler around.


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Following Up On Good Nanny Applicants

Check references.

Do a background check.

Schedule a test run. 


Questions To Ask The Nanny Applicant About Her Personal Lifestyle

The answers to these questions will let you know if she can stick to your schedule and handle the job.

Where do you live and how will you get to work every day? What about in bad weather? Long traveling distances or difficult traveling can make her less likely to show up on time, all the time. I suggest picking out someone that has their own car along with insurance! An emergency could always happen and your nanny needs a car.

Can you stay a little later if I’m caught at work? If this happens often with your job, it’s important to know if the person your interviewing is flexible about staying an extra hour or two. If she has evening obligations of her own that she isn’t okay with being late to earn some money than shes not a good nanny for you, write her off the list!

Do you have any health problems I should know about? A personal question, yes, but since you’ll be leaving your baby alone with her, you have a right to know if she suffers from asthma attacks, debilitating migraines, seizures, or anything else that could make caring for your child harder or dangerous.

Do you smoke? If you’re okay with hiring a smoker, make it clear that she can’t smoke around your baby or in your home at any time or leave cigarettes within your baby’s reach. I suggest hiring someone that doesn’t smoke because it still affects your baby health when the smell is on their clothes. Just write her off!

Do you have children of your own? How will you be able to come to work if they’re sick or off from school? Honestly, its best that you find a nanny that has no kids, but if its a must at least get a nanny that has kids that are old enough to not need care from her.

Do you have any future plans (attending school, moving, having children of your own) that would affect how long you can stay with this job? Doing the nanny search thing once is hard enough, you want to be sure that you’re not going to have to do it all over again in a couple of months. Of course, no one can predict the future and things may unexpectedly change, but asking for a one-year commitment is reasonable.


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At each applicant has to pass a background test in order to even be considered a nanny. You are also able to request a driving record, you can see other peoples reviews on the applicant, and so much more! This site has been my life savor sense I have had Maverik. You can try it out for FREE for 14 days by my special invite! If you have any questions about this website feel free to ask me because I know all the ins and outs. Also, you can find an elders caregiver here, a pet sitter, or you can post a job as well!


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Questions To Ask A Nanny About Her Past Work.

What was your last job and why did you leave it? If she disses her last boss or dances around the question, she may have been fired. If you suspect as much, ask if you can call her last employer for a reference (something you should do anyway if you’re seriously considering the applicant).

What are the ages of the children you’ve cared for? Caring for school-age kids is very different from caring for a baby (no diaper changes, for one), so she should have experience with children your child’s age.

Have you had (or are you willing to get) CPR and baby first-aid training? Knowing she knows what to do in an emergency is a huge plus. Your child’s safety is number one if they do not know this stuff I suggest checking them off the list! It’s okay to take this out of their pay to get them certified, but talk to her about it first!

Questions To Ask A Nanny About Her Beliefs.

How do you feel about not watching TV with my baby? You should ask about this or anything else that you feel your nanny shouldn’t do with your child, like take her to a house of worship or to visit a boyfriend, so she knows the rules before she accepts the job. Too much radiation from the television is really bad for your little one’s eyes also it could make your nanny lazy.

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Open-Ended Questions To Ask A Nanny Applicant.

What do you like most about being a nanny?

What do you think a baby my child’s age needs most?

Can you describe the things you might do during the day with my baby? How about when he’s older and more active?

How would you discipline a child my baby’s age? What would you do if he, say, keeps pulling your hair after you’ve said no?

Than what would you do if my baby had a fever? What if he fell and became unconscious?

Once you’ve completed your list of interview questions for nannies, end the interview by giving the nanny the chance to address any concerns she may have by asking, “Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to bring up with me?”

A good nanny should pass all the checks by an agency, but you can not put all the responsibility for your child’s safety just on her. You need to make sure you did your best to teach your child to keep himself safe and ask for help in case something goes wrong. I found an amazing resource designed specifically for teaching safety to younger kids. You can check out this 5-day FREE course here about safety with strangers. It has some GREAT recourses. If you are like me you will want to know every single little detail, and what ways you can help your little one, so I also wanted you to check out this course that teaches you and your little one positive ways about what to do with strangers.


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I want you to remember this is your child, this is your home, this is your life that this nanny is coming into. has a lot of nannies that are willing to work for you and do exactly as you ask especially if you are paying well. Do not be afraid to be bossy or picky. I have straight up told nannies that I didn’t think they would be a good fit for us, and I escorted them out of our home. Please do not be afraid to be open about this topic!

If you are still worried about a nanny being in your home get a micro camera so you can see exactly what is going on.

Do not be that parent that is clueless, you do not want to live with regret! This course teaches foundation with children, safe communications with strangers, strangers to avoid if a stranger becomes to close, and so much more! Check out the FULL 3-hour course right here! I know my son is young but its never early to get started! The more educated you are the safer you and your family will be!

The last thing I want to suggest is that you should keep up to date on your child’s development, you can check out this great program to help you! If your little one is behind on his social skills I would maybe think that daycare wouldn’t be such a bad thing! You can check out my ultimate daycare guide here!nanny choosing a nanny childcare bossprincess101

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