Losing A Major Part Of Your Life: Coping With The Internal Emotions

For the vast majority of us, we cannot begin to comprehend what would happen if we lost something that forms a significant part of our life. But, as the years go on, we start to get these sorts of sneak previews of things that can happen, like the loss of a family member. And as such, we can feel these sorts of shakes in our mental health and our reserves. And so, what do we do if we ever find ourselves in a position where we lose such a major part of our life, physical, mental, or emotional?


Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but by asking for help when we need it, we are admitting to ourselves that we need some extra support. It seems that there are still people out there that rely on the stiff upper lip approach to get through things. But when we lose such a major part of our life, it’s important that we do ask for help, but the help that we get is actually conducive to improvements on our part.

There’s no point in asking for a general bit of help from someone that we don’t really deem trustworthy. And, this is why professional help is a good halfway point. Not just in terms of psychologists of counselors, but if you’re looking for something like closure, there are legal professionals, such as Frekhtman & Associates that can get us one step closer towards closure. But, when we feel if there is something missing in our lives, especially if it was taken from us, they can be a lot of resentment riding high.


Not Letting The Vitriol Take Over

Yes, anger is an energy, but if we lose something major in our life, it’s important that we vent, and we let our emotions out, but there is a point when we can have such a chip on our shoulder, that this vitriol ends up overwhelming our entire lives. As such, this means that we’ve got to figure out some way to find the balance internally. Because anger is something that we can carry with us throughout our lives, it’s hardly a surprise that this can impact our mental health and our general health.

So, it’s about learning the best ways for us to release this anger. If something has been taken from us, we can hold it against the culprit, but also, this form of anger, if we let it internalize, will prove devastating to us in the end. So it’s about learning the best ways to vent it, but also, one of the most important things communicated a lot these days is the act of gratitude. You may not feel you have anything to be grateful for on the surface. By digging down, and getting into the practice of being grateful, and finding a handful of things every single day, this can take the weight off you.


Losing a big part of your life is something that can feel impossible to get over. And what we have to remember is that we all process things in our own individual way. We have to learn to give these things time. Losing a big part of our life is never easy, but from difficult things, positivity can arise.


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