Create a Space You Want to Relax In

As humans, we have created a world full of stimulation and to be honest, for some of us, it is way too much to take on all the time! There are TVs everywhere, games, bright colors, news stories demanding our attention, phones going off, kids pestering us – even reading this list is exhausting!

If you find that the world is tiring you out all the time, you should think about how your lifestyle can change to enable to you make the most of your stamina. We are all different and there is no shame in being someone who needs to sit down more often than others! Especially if you have created a space that is ideal for relaxing in.

Whether you have a chronic condition like fatigue that gets you down or you are simply happier to live life in the slow lane, here are the things you need to create a space suited to you.



A Comfortable Chair

When your body is exhausted, you might want to just flop down on your bed and try and shut everything out. While this might work sometimes, there are other times when what you could really do with is a distraction like a book or a TV show to help take your mind off your fatigue.

If you want to find the middle ground, a bean bag could be just the thing for you. The beans will adjust to your body shape to give you proper support, allowing you to completely take the weight off and relax your muscles while you recharge. Have a look at to see all the different varieties there are – the 7-footer looks a bit too good, to be honest!


Mood Lighting

Lighting is a very personal thing and when you are feeling tired, having the opportunity to edit your lighting, so to speak, is perfect. Fairy lights are brilliant for bringing a more subtle light to your space but having a reading light to provide a halo over your book is also a good idea.

Go for yellow or colored lights to dampen the bulbs very slightly. Bright white light might be ideal in the bathroom where you want to get as much clarity as possible when you look in the mirror, but while you are relaxing, that brightness is just going to hurt. If you can, try using a dimmer switch to get a perfect balance.



A Chance to Feel Quiet  

Where you put your relaxing space is really important. If you want to get a few minutes peace, setting up in the kitchen is obviously a terrible idea, on the other hand, setting up in your bedroom might not give you the separation you need and you may end up just climbing into bed instead.

If you have a separate lounge where you can shut the door, this is ideal as you can make it clear to anyone else in your house that you don’t want to be disturbed for a while. Of course, your kids might need a bit of training on what is a good reason to barge in and what isn’t but that is a problem for another time…


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