Damaging Habits It’s Time To Break

Let’s be honest, we all have a bad habit or two that we know we shouldn’t be doing like biting our nails or leaving laundry on the floor around the hamper.  However, sometimes these habits can be doing us, and those around us a lot of damage, and this is something that must be addressed. A topic that you can get some advice on in my post below.



Throughout history smoking cigarettes and other methods of using tobacco have been seen as totally acceptable. At one point people could even smoke freely on public transport, at work, and even in hospitals!

That was before we knew the damage it could do though, and now smoking is not only frowned upon but also illegal in many places as well. Of course, this presents a problem for folks that are still smoking because it can not only be hard to get their fix, but they also have to deal with the disapproval of the general public.

To that end,  it can be a lot easier actually to give up or swap to electronic cigarettes. There are even nicotine replacements such as patches and lozenges that can help you do this, and of course, the health benefits both for you and those around you are immense.



Alcohol can be a difficult thing for many of us. After all, it’s entirely natural to have a drink or two at a social occasion. However, for some people, their use of alcohol can be so much more complicated than that. Some folks can use it as a way of coping with painful emotions and experiences, and others believe that it gives them confidence when they are feeling shy and anxious.

Of course, if your alcohol consumption is not something you are in control of, then it may well be worth seeking some help with this. Happily, there is a range of options on offer including a wealth of Alcoholics Anonymous groups through the country, as well as sober living facilities that can provide a residential program to help you quit. Just speak to your doctor to see what help is available in your area.


Too much screen time  

An insidious addiction that many of us deal with, but don’t always realize is overuse of our mobile devices. In fact, it’s unlikely you ever leave the house or even move from room to room in your home without your smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop to keep you company.


Are you using your phone too much?

Of course, using messenger apps, social media, games, and consuming TV content on our phones can be enjoyable and covenant, but like anything that provides pleasure, it can all to quickly get out of hand.

In fact, the overuse of devices with screens has been shown to cause all sort of adverse side effects including disrupted sleep patterns, increased anxiety, and a lack of face to face communication. Therefore, it is wise to limit your device usage throughout the day, and go screen free at least two hours before bed.


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