Elder Safety: Preventing Falls

Even if your elderly relatives are still in good shape, they might struggle with their mobility at times. This is usually because people become quite frail as they hit their later years, no matter how healthy they are in general. So, helping all your old relatives prevent falls will become something of a necessity. By preventing their risk of falling, they will be a lot less likely to injure themselves or end up unable to stand back up whenever they are home alone.


Do you think you could do a bit more to prevent falls in your elderly relatives? Here are some great tips that you might want to use.


Remind Them To Get Their Eyes Checked Regularly

Did you know that one of the main reasons elderly people fall over so much is that they have poor eyesight? It’s true! They simply don’t see any hazards or obstacles that lie in their way and end up tripping over them as a result. So, it’s a good idea to ask any elderly relatives about their last eye test. If they haven’t had one in a while, it could be time to take them to the opticians for a checkup.


Check Their Medicine’s Potential Side Effects

If your relative is on some medicine, it could be worth checking the side effects that they might experience. If they include dizziness, they might be a lot more likely to lose their balance and fall over. This could be difficult for them when they are out, and they might end up injured on another’s property or embarrassing themselves by falling in public. If it seems like their medicine is causing difficulties for them, it’s worth asking their doctor if there is an alternative course of medicine they could switch to.


Carry Out A Safety Assessment Of Their Home

You should also consider carrying out a safety assessment of their home. In order to do this, simply take a look in each room and see if there are any potential hazards that could make your relative trip up. These could be things like coffee tables in the center of the room, for instance. It could also be worth installing some handrails so that they can stabilize themselves whenever they need to get around their home.


Encourage Them To Clean All Spillages Quickly

Whenever your relative spills any liquid onto the floor, you need to clean it up as quickly as possible so that the risk of slipping over is completely removed. You need to encourage them to do the same whenever you aren’t with them and they are home alone. Otherwise, they might forget about the spillage and could very easily slip up in it.


Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol causes us to lose balance and be unstable on our feet. Elderly people will feel the effects of drinking a lot more, so it’s worth encouraging them to reduce their alcohol intake.


Hopefully, all of these tips will help you prevent any of your elderly relatives from falling over!


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