Essential Checks to Complete Before You Make an Offer on a Property

Buying a house or business premises is something that most people take seriously. You will be tied to a mortgage for decades, and you don’t want to lose money on your investment, either. Apart from making sure that the real estate you are investing in is going to be suitable for you and your family for a few years to come, there are essential inspections and checks to consider to avoid disappointments. Below you will find a few tips on how to make sure your future home will not burn a hole in your pocket.


Structural Safety

The most important inspection you need to get completed before you invest in a home or office is a structural one. You want to make sure that there are no cracks and faults in the foundation, and the walls haven’t moved due to landslides or earthquakes. At the same time, if there were any changes made to the layout by the previous owner, you will have to check the plans, too, so you can be sure that nothing has become dangerous.


Toxic Materials

Apart from the stability of the walls, roof, and foundation, you will also need to get a toxic material inspection survey completed. If you fail to do this, you might face increased costs when you renovate your new real estate. Check whether or not lead and asbestos were used when constructing your home, and find out how much it would cost you to remove them if you decided to knock down walls.


Energy Efficiency

When you deal with professional estate agents, such as William Pitt, you are likely to get a report on the insulation and the central heating system. However, you might also want to get an energy efficiency report that will tell you how good the house or business property is keeping the heat in or out. Professionals can check the condition of your walls, windows, and doors, and give you recommendations on improving the insulation.


Future Development Plans

It is also crucial that you choose the right area where you feel comfortable and safe. The neighborhood might be quiet now, but if there is a huge development coming near the housing estate, you might regret buying the house. Check local authorities’ records to find out if your view is likely to get compromised by a large building or your quiet road will get polluted by trucks.



You want to get the best return on your real estate investment, and for this, you have to check out the demographics of the neighborhood. If there are loads of second homes in the street, or most of the residents are older, chances are that the future of the area is unknown. If your chosen location is popular among young professionals, you are likely to be able to make a profit after you decide to sell and move on.


There are some essential checks you should conduct before you invest in real estate to avoid facing unexpected costs and losing money.


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