Essential Ways For Momtrepreneurs To Find Their Audience

It seems like such a cliche (but what are cliches but universal truths that occur so often we think up a name for them) but everything changes when you have kids. From your bra size to your brain chemistry, the birth of your child represents a top-down reorganization of your life. Your priorities reorganize themselves and the things that once seemed gut-wrenchingly important to you once now seem kind of trivial. Perhaps this is why more and more women are thinking twice about going back to work after their kids are born; opting instead for a career on their own terms that allows them greater flexibility and more time to spend with the tiny new life they’re getting to know. The rise of Momtrepreneurship has seen legions of women of all ages from a variety of different backgrounds try their hand at creating their very own businesses.

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But while entrepreneurship is a worthy pursuit that can lead to huge financial gains and a great sense of fulfillment, success as a Momtrepreneur doesn’t come overnight. No matter how smart and talented you are or how compelling and original your business plan, it amounts for little if nobody knows who you are. Here are some ways in which nascent Momtrepreneurs can grow their business brand and find their target audience…


Know your niche

Many businesses have floundered in their early years to try and be all thing to all people. While you may be tempted to cast the net as wide as possible to attract a large following, this is rarely a prudent first step. Your best bet is to start with a clear idea of what kind of niche you want to cater for. Let’s say, for example, that you want to make money by monetizing your blog. With so many blogs out there you’ll need to focus on a niche. If your blog focuses on parenting, it’s a good idea to find a niche within the remit of parenting such as nutrition or discipline depending on where your strengths lie.


Cast the net

Now you have a target in sight, it’s time to cast the net and start prospecting for prospective customers. There are many different ways in which you can do this. While you may think that the answer starts and ends with social media, it’s also worth considering other prospects like direct mailing lists or mortgage mailing lists. These can help you to identify people who may be interested in your products or services. Just be wary. New social media algorithms are making it harder for businesses to promote their services and new GDPR compliance issues now make it illegal to send “cold” emails to prospective customers anywhere in Europe.


Join a community

Whatever niche you’ve chosen to care for yourself in business, there’s likely a community of people out there with similar interests who may be able to promote you or provide feedback and advice to help you succeed in your chosen market.


Offer something for nothing

With so many brands both large and small to choose from, customers are aware that they can afford to be fickle. Thus, you need to be able to offer them something for nothing whether it’s a free sample or a discount for first-time customers.

Once you’ve found your audience, all you need to do is keep delivering on the promises you make, take steps to ensure consistency and quality and you’ve laid a firm foundation for success.

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