Every mom Deserves An Easy-Clean Home

The list of chores for moms is endless. There’s doing the dishes, chopping down the laundry pile when it starts to spill over, forever vacuuming, battling with little bits of litter, doing battle with annoying bits of debris, keeping the bathroom white, trying to find different ways to get stains out of every piece of fabric in the home and then repeating it all over and over and over again. It’s why every busy mom shares the same (rather sad) dream: to have an easy-clean home.


But kids don’t make this easier and, the younger they are, the worse the mess gets. The question is: what the heck can you do. Well, one option would be to hire a gaggle of live-in maids but, given this is highly unlikely because you’re not Tamara Ecclestone, your best bet is to make a few home adjustments here and there. So, let’s do this shall we:


Favorite Floors Ever

When you’ve got kids who love mixing putty into the ground, the last thing you want is a shag pile carpets in every room. They’re an absolute nightmare to clean. It’s much more stress-free to rock terracotta tiles, lay down some laminate flooring or, better yet, speak to Kwikkerbofsd.com about their epoxy coatings. You could even go with multi-colored carpet tiles so that you can a) hide stains or b) swap them out. Simple.


Sofa Surface Headache

We all love the idea of collapsing into a soft, suede couch at the end of another long day, but not if the said suede couch is stained with grime and stains and who knows what else. That’s why you should think about getting your sofas and chairs reupholstered in something a little easier to wipe down, something like leather or vinyl. It might not be your dream fabric, but it will let you have some downtime instead of just doing more cleaning.


High Gloss Paint, Please

We’ll admit it: we prefer matte paint. The finish is just a little bit more pleasing on the eye. However, if you have kids that love painting the walls or rubbing their dirty hands on them, you might want to put aesthetic preference to one side for a moment because you’re less likely to scrub the paint off the walls if you go with a high gloss option. And just think, it’s only a temporary sacrifice because your kids will soon be old enough to know rubbing their grubbing hands on the walls is a bad move.


Very Good Vacuuming

It doesn’t matter how good your vacuum might be or how effective you have become with a dustpan and brush, there are always a battle with the few bits you can’t ever get, not to mention the bad back you give yourself. That’s why you should consider installing a central vacuuming system. Just sweep everything toward that little suction flap and you’ll have the cleanest floors ever and you’ll have them without fuss. It’s quite amazing.


And now that you have these tips, you’re kids can do their worst. It won’t matter anymore.


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