Family Destinations You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

Planning a family vacation can be tricky when you have kids. They take up a lot of your time already, so planning and organizing the perfect getaway while trying to juggle childcare and your career can be super difficult. But the time constraint isn’t the only thing that can make things hard. Trying to decide where to go can also be a big dilemma. That’s because there’s a lot you need from your chosen destination – you need somewhere that has plenty of activities that will keep the kids occupied as well as somewhere that has something of interest for adults. You also need to think about whether you want to enjoy a city break or whether you would rather chill out on the beach.

Are you sick of scratching your head trying to figure out where to take your family? Here are some awesome family-friendly destinations that you might not have already thought of.



Malta is made up of a small archipelago in the Mediterranean sea, so you know that you are guaranteed some great weather while you’re there. There are also some amazing beaches along its long coastline, so you’ll be able to spend a few days soaking up the sun, building sandcastles with the kids, and going for a paddle in the sea. There’s also a great choice of family-friendly activities that the whole gang will enjoy. I’m sure the kids will love seeing all the pretty birds at the Bird Park Malta. There are also a few great theme parks and adventure parks around the main island too, including the Splash and Fun Water Park and the Playmobil Fun Park.



Sweden is known for being a fantastic country in which to raise a family, so there is no wonder that it also makes for a great family holiday destination. The best thing about Sweden is that you can choose between staying in one of its contemporary cities or renting out a self-catered cabin out in the gorgeous countryside. Lots of families head straight to Gothenburg’s pretty Liseberg Amusement Park. It’s the biggest theme park in the whole of Scandinavia and features a vintage carousel and some thrilling roller coasters. The Swedish island of Gotland has an annual Medieval Weeks which gives the kids a chance to dress up in Clothes from the Middle Ages and lets them experience life in Medieval times. It’s well worth timing your trip to fall during this week.



If you want to enjoy a budget family vacation, then you should consider flying out to Indonesia. As you can see at, house prices in the country are extremely cheap, and this has a knock-on effect with vacation rentals too. You’ll easily be able to find very cheap accommodation for the duration, as well as lots of reasonably priced eateries and activities. While you are in Indonesia, you can do a bit of island hopping and try to visit as many of the islands that make up the country as you can. Bali should be on your list as you will be able to enjoy the beaches as well as explore the lush rainforest.



If your family loves animals and wildlife, then Borneo is the perfect destination. There are lots of beautiful natural landscape across the country, all of which is filled with exotic wildlife and animals. If you visit Sipadan Island, your kids will be able to go snorkeling off the coast and will see a lot of the exciting sea life that lives in the water, including turtles, starfish, and stingrays. I’m sure the kids will also enjoy a ride on the North Borneo railway, as you might spot some native orangutans in the trees as you pass through the rainforest. Head to the Klias Wetlands to come face to face with some cute monkeys as well.


Lapland, Finland

If your kids still believe in Santa Claus, it’s a good idea to take them to Lapland in Finland before they lose their belief. Lapland is traditionally where Santa lives and looks after his reindeers. There are a few resorts and hotels in the area that give families the chance to stay in a winter wonderland during December. Santa will also be there, and there is usually the chance to meet him during the stay. The kids will also be able to meet his reindeers too. There’s always plenty of snow in Lapland during the winter months, so many families also like to go off skiing or snowboarding.



If you are taking your kids out of school to go on holiday, you might as well take them to a destination where they can learn a thing or two during their vacation, right? Well, Italy is the perfect place for them to learn a bit about history. Specifically, Rome is the place to be, as it can help to reinforce any history classes that they have had about the Ancient Romans. You can visit some world-famous sites, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Once they start to get bored of all things Ancient Rome, you can head to the Vatican to see where Christianity had its beginnings.



Do you like the idea of a family road trip? If so, you should consider driving across part of Canada. Canada is such a large country, you can easily cover a lot of different landscapes in your trip. Not only that, though, but you will be able to visit some interesting cities along the way. You’ll be able to see the CN Tower in Toronto, and will also be able to head out to the beaches on the Toronto Islands. If you pass through the province of Quebec, be sure to stop off Quebec City, so that your kids can practice their French. I’m sure the kids will also love the thrilling sight that is Montgomery Falls as well.


Hopefully, one of the destinations above is the best family destination for you!


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