Fancy Food and Fabulous Fitness for a Healthier Happier Summer

You are always looking for exciting and innovative ways to improve your health and broaden your knowledge of cooking. When you are in the kitchen cooking up a storm you feel a wave of enjoyment rushing through your body. Shaking exotic spices into the pan and splashing fresh oil into a pot is exactly how you love to spend your afternoons. With summer well and truly in full swing, you are becoming more and more enthralled by healthy eating and fitness.

You love cooking delicious dishes, but not at the expense of your waistline. You want to feel fabulous this summer, so what better way than to learn how to cook and exercise effectively? If you implement some of these ideas you will feel happier and healthier this summer, because you will be treating your body with the love it deserves. As a food lover, you never want to compromise on taste, but the good news is, you don’t have to. Healthy dishes can be both nourishing and delicious all at the same time as long as you source the freshest and juiciest ingredients from your local markets. Discover new ways of indulging in food right now and feel utterly fabulous along the way.



Cook in Batches

The first fundamental aspect of feeling fit, healthy and fabulous is being prepared. Instead of grazing on snacks throughout the day and splashing out on unhealthy takeaways, you should try and prepare your meals in batches. Visit today and buy delicious and fresh seafood to create chowders, soups, and paellas. Seafood is jam-packed with omega three and essential fatty acids for good skin, hair and nails. Fancy food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, simply add fresh vegetables, herbs and spices and you will be summer ready in the kitchen.


Eat the Rainbow

Remember when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, how important it is to eat a wide variety of colorful foods. If you can create a rainbow on your plate, that will be the key to the most delicious and nutritious meal. Red pepper, yellow lentils, green broccoli, purple cabbage and orange carrots are all brightly colored foods that are bound to make you feel wonderful as soon as you take a bite.


Happy Hydration

No matter how many nutrient-dense foods you indulge in, you still need plenty of fluids to keep your hydration levels topped up. Water is the most important ingredient that you should be incorporating into a healthy, balanced diet. If you don’t like the taste of plain water then sparkling water hydrates you just the same; just be careful of drinking too much of it as you will feel bloated. Try adding fresh mint, ripe strawberries, and juicy cucumber to your water to give it some extra natural flavoring.



Slow Down On Sugar

Cutting down on sugar in your diet is easier said than done. Sugar is hidden in a variety of foods that you would least expect; baked beans, bread, pasta and even soup can contain several tablespoons of added sugar to enhance its flavor. The only way you can combat this is by cooking from scratch as often as you can and limit your intake of refined sugary snacks. Skip the sugar-laden breakfast curtails and load up your breakfast bowl with fresh fruit and full-fat Greek yogurt for a wholesome and delectable start to the day.


Find a Fitness Friend

It’s all very well eating a wide variety of delicious wholesome foods, but you also need to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of exercise. If heading to the gym isn’t your thing then recruit a buddy who you can enjoy exercising with. Whether you go for a run in the park or hit a local dance class to get your muscles moving, exercise can and should be a fun activity you can enjoy with a close friend.


Get Outdoors

Breathing in fresh air will truly make all the difference when trying to feel fabulous this summer. Step outside and have a run in an open space; the combination of endorphins from exercise and the fresh atmosphere will do wonders for your mind and body. You could even take a brisk stroll in the evenings before you have your dinner. This will work up your appetite and allow you to get those extra steps in before a lazy evening in front of the television.


Don’t Set Unreasonable Goals

Whatever your goals are, make sure they are achievable and realistic. You will start to feel defeated if you don’t reach your targets each week so in order to reach the goals you need to make them small and simple. Try not to focus on numbers either; perhaps you could incorporate an extra vegetable into each of your meals for a week or try a new recipe. These types of goals are much more enjoyable and achievable.


Have Body Confidence

Love your body for what it is and never feel disheartened when you are scrolling through social media and see supermodels posing with their flawless figures. Most of these people are unrealistic and airbrushed anyway, so be true to yourself and understand that you are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are.


Enjoy Yourself!

Most of all, have fun this summer and don’t constrict yourself from enjoying the foods and activities you love. If you are happy, everything else will soon follow.

You don’t want to have a sluggish summer full of sugar and overbearing dishes; learn how to eat lightly, freshly and locally and you will soon notice a difference in your energy levels. It is set to be a spectacular summer full of fun, food, and fitness. The key is to simply enjoy yourself and have fun embarking on new culinary adventures and fitness goals. Embrace the fresh air, seek out the freshest ingredients and be confident in your abilities to cook up a storm. A healthier and happier summer is just around the corner, so enjoy the new experiences that life is about to bring you.


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