Flat Share Survival 101

You might think that moving out of your parent’s house would give you all of the independence that you have always craved since childhood. It’s true that you will get a new lease of life and will be largely independent once you move out, but if you move into a flatshare, you will find that you still can’t make all of the necessary decisions on your own. After all, you will be sharing your living space with your flatmates, and you will each have equal responsibility. You won’t be able to think about just you just yet.



New to flatshare life? Here are some great little tips that can help you survive.


Split All Rent And Bills Equally

It is crucial that you all pay your fair share when it comes to the rent and all joint bills. Before you move in, you will be told how much rent you will need to pay and how much you should expect when it comes to electricity, gas, and internet bills. Make sure you can afford these before you move in! If you need to improve your financial situation, you can always find help in the likes of https://debtconsolidation.co or by speaking to your bank manager. Don’t forget that you will need to pay your share on time or else the bills may not be paid at all!


Come Up With A Chore Rota

It’s also necessary to split all the chores equally between you and your flatmates as well. If you leave everything, such as cleaning the bathroom and maintaining the garden, to your flatmates, then you will find that they get extremely annoyed with you. One way to ensure everyone does their fair share is to set up a cleaning rota. Make sure everyone takes turns in doing all the jobs around the house – it’s only fair.


Create A Group Chat

There might be a few times when you need to ask your flatmates a quick question but not everyone might be home. So, it’s a good idea to set up a group chat on either Facebook Messenger or https://whatsapp.com. That way, you can simply ping everyone at the same time whenever you need to ask them anything.

Set Boundaries Early

Even though you all live together, you are still all entitled to your own privacy. So, it’s worth setting some boundaries as soon as you can. For instance, you might all agree on not entering anyone else’s bedroom when they are not home. It’s also worth considering what you are all open to sharing in the kitchen. For instance, some individuals in flatshares would rather buy and use their own ingredients while other flatshares are a lot more relaxed and everyone will share their groceries for communal meals.


Always Clean Up After Yourself

We all know that the worst person in any flatshare is the individual who never cleans up after themselves – don’t be that guy!

Enjoy your new life in a flatshare – have fun!


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