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Have you ever gotten shampoo and conditioner and have it not do what you need like make your hair oily or weigh down your hair? Or have you had your shampoo dry out your hair and your conditioner not help that problem, so every time you brush your hair you get static? Trust me you will spend way too much money playing the guessing game on which shampoo and conditioner will help your hair. Well, Formulate has the perfect shampoo for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Since we all have different hair and our hair acts differently we all need different shampoo.







Formulate has listened to people and made shampoo perfect for them and just them. Formulate is just trying to change every person in the world’s struggles of personal care. They make a promise to everyone “To listen, to be real, to educate, and to wow,” and they hold true to that. They want you to put your input in so their chemist can improve. There is even an app you can download to do so, the app also lets you change the formulation if you want to try something different next time around.




You will feel the difference and you will see the difference and I’m not just saying that they really do work! Plus if you don’t like the formulation they made for you they will work with you to make another one that fits just for you free of charge.


Sulfate free.
Paraben free.


Bonus round: Less water, & more of what matters. Sourced based on peer-reviewed scientific studies. Good for you, good for your hair, and good for this great big ball 🌎 we’re all living on.

No more of those chemicals touching your hair which makes your hair super healthy. Talk about a good hair day everyday!


Join the movement NOW!

Formulate makes their website so easy to navigate and questions about your hair are so straightforward. So get on that website! You just need to go to and click on join or join the movement. Then simply take your test, they will them formulate the shampoo perfect for you. Did I mention if you don’t like they will reformulate it for FREE or a full refund if you want to continue using your shampoo? So no matter what they will make sure you get the shampoo you know your hair deserves.

Check out this Instagram post to find out what all those other amazing products are in this photo! I promise you’ll want to know! 😉


Formulate really can make your dream hair a reality (in a sense). It is a simple $49 which you will be spending anyways for those other shampoos, just you will be getting a better product. The best part is its free shipping and NO TAX. which means you really only spend $49 flat. So who wouldn’t want to jump on this AMAZING product and let them help your hair?


Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY so you can try these products out for FREE! 🙂


My Final Thoughts

So basically when I first tried to sign up with the company it was by invitation only! But thankfully we have such an amazing team we were able to make it officially open to EVERYONE!

The process of collaborating, filling out the survey, and talking to customer service has been truly a great experience. I never once had to wait too long for a response. My mentor was able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner. She was able to set me up with the survey to figure out which hair solution was best for my hair type! I thought this was the coolest part because you can actually check out my profile and see what my hair type is, and what our goal is to make it better!

I highly recommend trying to out! I have been using the product for about a week and my hair is just amazing! My hair strength has really improved.


Here is what my paper had said from Formulate. Please remember everyone’s paper will be different! 🙂








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