Fun Ways To Use Photographs As Gifts

Photographs can be a great personal gift, but in this age when photos can be easily shared digitally, a single photo in a frame isn’t always enough. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate photos into gifts that leaving a more lasting impression.


Create your own collage

Got a few photos and can’t choose which one to use? Why not use all of them by assembling a college? A college shows that you’ve put a bit of effort into it and you can have fun choosing and positioning photos. There are sites online such as Easy Collage that can allow you to build digital collages to print off, but you may prefer to use good old-fashioned scissors and glue.


Put together an album

Another way to use multiple photos could be to create an album. This could allow you to select multiple photos and put them in an order in order to tell a story. You could even use annotations and add in receipts or tickets to give it a scrapbook feel – this could be great for a romantic gift for a partner. You can buy photo albums online at sites such as Paperchase.


Get a photograph blown up on canvas or acrylic

If you’ve got a single photo that you love but you want to offer more than a photo in a frame, you could always get a photograph blown up on canvas or acrylic. You’ll find many companies online that can do this for you. This could be great for a romantic photograph or a photo of your newborn baby or a family photograph.


Print photographs onto objects

For something even more unique, you could consider printing photographs onto objects. Common examples of this include mugs, t-shirts, and keyrings. There are also more unusual ways of printing photos such as getting a photo engraved onto a wallet as available from sites like MyPhotoWallet. You could even try getting a photograph printed onto a cake as a birthday gift. Photographs of babies and pets are favorite options for these printed items.  


Get photographs turned into art

You may be able to get an artist to replicate a piece of artwork around one of your photos. There are artists that can create hand-drawn sketches of photographs and others that can turn these into watercolors. Whilst there are ways to digitally do this, getting an artist to do it could give it a bit more value. If you feel you have the talent and patience, you could even turn a photograph into a piece of art yourself.


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