Gender Reveal!

One of the greatest things we get blessed with in our life is creating a family and making little babies.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was super scared, anxious, and well honestly I just didn’t feel good about being pregnant at the moment. A few weeks passed by and I was getting super anxious about what the sex of the baby would be. Would I be having a little prince or a little princess? I will admit I always wanted a little prince as my first child.  Waiting those long weeks to find out the sex of the baby sucks, but its such a great feeling to be able to bond and connect with your little one when you don’t know what he/she is. You are already completely connected with this little human, no judgment.

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I will admit I prayed to God for a little prince since the day I found out I was pregnant!

Personally, I think sitting in a hospital room and being told what the gender of the baby is, is kind of boring and lame. I mean this whole pregnancy has been so exciting already, so why not keep it that way?

I was blessed that my sister Nakita lived in the same city as me, and we were super close so I asked her to help me put a gender reveal party together. She went to the hospital with me and the nurse told her what the gender was and I wasn’t able to find out. I can’t tell you how much more anxious I got that day.

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So I was thinking what could I do to announce the gender of the baby that would be really neat for me, my family, and my friends? I wanted something that no one else had done. I wanted something unique. Now I’m sure someone has done what I decided to choose, but I personally didn’t know anyone so that is why it was so special to me!

I LOVE riding sports bikes! I think its a blast, and it really helps me with my stress. At the time I had a Honda CBR 1000, I had one of my biker friends do a burn out on my bike because obliviously it wasn’t safe for me to drive and whatever the gender of the baby was you would be able to tell by the smoke in the air. It was a pretty cool idea to me! One of the best days of my life, and I am so so so so thankful that the Lord blessed me with my little prince.

I decided to ask some of my other blog mommy’s to share with me what they had done so I could also share it with you and give you more ideas! There were so many great ideas!

Tiffany Kline and her hubby decided to have canvas’s on a table and they popped balloons to find out what the gender was. Well, of course, the balloons would pop and paint would go all over the canvases , so than then they put the canvas’s up in their little girl’s room! I thought this was so unique!

Taisha Torres and her hubby have already had two children, so they were expecting their third little baby. They decided to take a blood taste, and find out the gender of the baby within 10 weeks (isn’t that cool!), then they put the gender of the baby into their family photos. The ice cream and cotton candy was such an adorable idea!

Justine Young and her hubby wanted to make it fun for the whole family so they decided to have a pinata party! The children were able to hit the pinata obviously until it busted open and they were blessed with a little girl! Such a great idea to have the whole family involved!

There are just so many ideas you could use like the ones above, do a bath bomb, a fire cracker, cutting a cake and having the gender in the middle, smashing eggs, do a poll on social media, or you could just wait to find the gender out when your baby is born!

Feel free to share how you revealed the gender of your baby! <3

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  1. These ideas are so fun and cute! I like how different families chose to incorporate their other children in the reveal – I’m sure it’s just as exciting for them as it is for the parents!

  2. This are cool ideas! I considered doing a gender reveal party when I was pregnant, but I was reluctant to even have a baby shower. I definitely opted out of having the gender reveal party.

  3. oh I have had 6 babies all grown up now and I so wish gender reveal was a big thing back then as I could have had some great ideas to reveal ours

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