Giving Your Family An Outside Haven To Enjoy

When you’ve lived in your home a while and are settled with your family, it could be the perfect time to think about creating an outdoor environment that you and your loved ones can enjoy all year round. It can be so easy to put the focus on the interior of your home, especially when you have a family to think about; you’re always going to be utilizing the inside space more often than the outside. However, fresh air, nature, and a little exploration are always going to be a positive element of your children’s childhood; not to mention you and your partner’s life too. Therefore, investing your time and thought into the area outside of your back door will help to ensure that you’re all making the most of your house, and you’re all leading fun, happy, and fulfilled lives. The great thing about improving and renovating your garden is that there is something to be done within every budget.

You can make significant changes that will give you a completely new landscape to have fun in and enjoy, or you can be subtle but thorough with your upgrades, which will help to improve the time you spend out there. Anything that will help to encourage you and your little ones outside more often is positive, so there’s no time like the present to begin making a list of the things you feel you might like to achieve out there. As long as you do some research when looking into your options, budget wisely, seek professional assistance when you need to, and discover an array of ideas available to you; you’ll be able to create an outdoor oasis in no time. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who are ready to turn their creative attention outside and help to make the ultimate family garden space which can be enjoyed for years to come

The Patio Space And Decorative Touches

The patio area is a great way to bring the outside-in and vice-versa; this means you can keep an eye on your little one as they play outdoor games, as you’re in the kitchen or sitting outside with them.  A paved, cobbled, or tiled area before you reach the grass on the lawn, is the ideal place for your garden furniture and your BBQ, not to mention a toy box, sand pit, and a place for toy trucks and cars to call home. Update, mend, and repair any broken glass or doors so that space looks fresh; you can look into companies like Westview Glass who will come ensure your glass is safe and looks great too. Pop a roof over the area, and you’ll have somewhere you can enjoy a drink, or reading a book in the fresh air, come rain or shine. A roof will also make space feel more like a room, and eating meals with friends in the evening will feel intimate and cozy. Grab some cushions, throws, and outdoor lighting, and you’ll have an outside haven to spend and enjoy your time with your little one and the rest of your family.

A great way to decorate and embellish your patio area is with plants. However, not everyone is blessed with green fingers. But, don’t worry; there are an array of low-maintenance plants that will live happily in a pot. You will then have the flexibility to move the pot plants around your patio and lawn space so that you feel it looks its best. You can also use pebbles, slate, or bark to cover unruly and soiled areas, or to make the transition from your patio to your lawn less abrupt. Garden lights are another way to ensure you have a pretty house exterior on those nights you spend outside enjoying time with friends and family; there are plenty of solar-powered ones available, so you don’t need to worry about your energy bill.

A Little Further Afield

As mentioned, a new patio or decking area will give your kids a great surface to play with certain toys outside; their focus will be on any areas of lawn and trees you have in your garden space. Therefore, it’s worth turning your attention to creating a tidy and usable lawn space where your kids can run around, explore, and use their imagination. You can start easily and ensure that you have a clear border to your lawned area and that it’s mowed regularly, so that little toys don’t get lost, and your little ones are at risk of tripping over anything hidden in the grass.

Spend a day or so over the weekend picking up any debris like twigs, branches, and leaves (or even litter), trim the edges and mow the surface. Your kids will have a smooth outdoor surface to play on that’s far softer than your new paved area. Add sturdy trees, shrubs, and plants around the space to attract nature and add decorative elements. It’s always great when children have an area to see and learn about nature and the environment, so it’s worth investing in those natural touches. Research into sturdy and low-maintenance plants so that they’re all likely to survive busy family life and being hit with the odd football.

You’ll want your kids to enjoy their toys and outdoor activities as much as possible; however, when the adults come over for a glass of wine, you don’t want the lawn littered with bright plastic items. Therefore, it’s worth investing in some outside storage where your kids can keep their balls, rackets, and play mats. It’s worth getting some blankets that you can throw on the grass when your kids want to read, play, or eat their lunch outside at the weekend; scatter cushions that can be thrown around and stored outside are also a great idea. Pop a little shed up that has plenty of shelving and room for various boxes and baskets; you’ll have a place for everything and all your outdoor belongings will be neat, dry, and safe from the elements. Making the most out of your garden with your family is easy and affordable; nature will do a lot of the work for you so that you can add the little touches to ensure your children spend plenty of time out there.


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