Good Health is More Than Just Diet and Exercise!

When we think about health, or being healthier- usually it’s changing up our diet and getting more exercise that springs to mind. And there’s a good reason for this, the right nutrition and activity is absolutely crucial when it comes to looking after yourself. However, they’re not the full story, and it’s possible to be unhappy and not working to your full potential even when you’re eating right and hitting the gym. Here are some additional things you need to make sure you’re doing.


Get enough sleep

We all lead busy lives, and for some of us, the right amount of sleep gets viewed as a luxury rather than a priority. This really shouldn’t be the case, lack of sleep can contribute to all kinds of short and long-term health issues. In the short term, you’ll experience low mood and irritability as well as increased hunger. You’ll lose focus which can be dangerous and even lead to accidental death. Did you know that driving tired can be as risky as driving drunk? In the long term, chronic lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues and obesity (which comes with its own related issues). Switch up your routine, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s SO important to your health and happiness.


Attend your health appointments and screenings

Health appointments are a proactive way to manage your health. Going to the dentist every six months will ensure that any problems with the teeth are picked up at the earliest stages before causing you a lot of pain or even tooth loss. For healthy eyes, visit the opticians every two years. You will be invited by your GP to a number of cancer screenings over the course of your life, these will simply be based on your age and/ or gender. They’re not a test for cancer, but a screening of otherwise healthy people to check for any very early changes. If anything is spotted it can be treated at the earliest stage when you have the best chance of recovery.


Consider mental and emotional health

Health is more than taking care of the body. Since the mind and body are so closely linked, in order to experience a true state of wellbeing you need to look after both. Taking care of your mental and emotional health could involve anything from taking a hot bath each evening to relax to chatting with a friend. It could be taking up a new hobby or signing up for a course and studying. When your life is out of balance, do what you can to bring that back. If you’re bored and under stimulated at work for example then going out and doing new things could help you to feel happy. If your life tends to be very busy and hectic, then relaxation would be the main priority. You will only truly feel happy and healthy when your physical, mental and emotional needs are met.


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