The “No Rules” Guide To Dressing Up For The Holidays

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to think a little more carefully about what exactly you’re going to wear to achieve sartorial splendor. The holidays are a strange time in many ways because they allow for “fashion” choices that wouldn’t ordinarily be permitted. You can just let rip and see where the mood takes you.


Go For Glittering Gold

There are three colors that people associate most closely with Christmas: silver, red and gold. Silver can look elegant and red, outspoken, but gold is the go-to color if you want to stand out from the crowd at the office Christmas party. Glittering gold outfits come in all shapes and cuts: it’s up to you what you choose, be it halterneck tops, gold silk trousers, or a sequin dress.


Get Warm And Don’t Apologise For It

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” as we’re constantly reminded on the radio. But it’s also the coldest. And if you’re somebody who likes to feel warm, then that’s a problem. Unless the fire’s roaring, there’s a good chance that your knees will be knocking together.

For the unapologetic among you, wearing a Christmas onesie is the obvious option. Heat never escapes onesies: instead, it just recirculates, like it would in a cozy cocoon. You never feel cold, and many come with hoods, allowing you to cover yourself from head to toe.


Make A Statement With Shoes

Christmas is a fantastic time of year for many reasons, not least because you finally get to whip out your most garish shoes from the closet. They’ve been stuck in there all year, just waiting for this opportunity, and now they have it. If anyone asks any questions about them, just say that you’re trying to get into the festive spirit – they’ll soon leave you alone.


Combine Fabrics

The holiday season is full of festive cheer, and for many, that’s a license to do what they want when it comes to combining fabrics. You can mix all kinds of materials that wouldn’t ordinarily go together, like leather and lace. Pulling it off can be difficult, but if you get it right, you’ll be sure to create a stir. If you are going to mix fabrics, remember to keep the colors somewhat neutral. Black is the safest choice.


Try Velvet

Some people don’t like the feel of velvet, but there’s no doubt that the fabric has a striking appearance and is particularly suited to the winter months. Celebrities are loving velvet at the moment, with many sporting velvet suits to big award events in the hope of setting themselves apart from the style choices of their peers.

Velvet suits usually come in striking colors which makes them amenable to Christmas themes. You could opt for a velvet dress, but this year pantsuits are all the rage, perhaps because of Hillary Clinton. Who knows?

So there you have it: dressing up for the holidays. It’s like no other time of the year, and you’re allowed to do things that you’d never dream of doing under normal circumstances. Take the opportunity.


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