Healthy Habits that Keep the Doctor Away

We don’t like going to the doctor and spending time with people who are all suffering. If you would like to stay healthy and preserve your wellbeing, there are a few things you can do every day and regularly to keep the doctor away and stay out of the hospital. While most illnesses cannot be prevented, you will have to support your immune system to make sure that you are able to cope with infections that can easily be overcome but can develop into major issues if your body can’t cope. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.


Regular Exercise

The first thing you have to do is exercise regularly. If you are a person who does workout campaigns and then stops, chances are that you are doing more harm than good. Even if it is a 15-minute yoga routine in the morning and at night, or walking to work halfway, you can improve your wellbeing and exercise your muscles, so you will not end up with a lower back problem that requires medical attention.


Fresh Air

If you work in the air-conditioned office most of the time and spend the rest of your life at home or in your car, this has to change. You need to get some fresh air, and this doesn’t involve walking to the nearest convenience store or cafe to pick up your lunch. You need to get to the countryside and do some walking and climbing, so your lungs get enough exercise, as well as your muscles.


A Good Personal Hygiene Routine

It is pretty straightforward that you need to have regular showers, but you will also have to look after your oral health, your hair, and spot the signs of illnesses. There are some telltale signs of dental problems you will only notice if you regularly brush and floss your teeth. You can learn more about the most common signs of tooth decay and other oral health issues, so you can address them before it is too late.


Knowing When to Take Supplements

In the ideal world, eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables should be enough for your body to build a strong immune system. However, there are some situations when you need a boost. During the winter, for example, we tend to get much less Vitamin D than our body needs, and this can have a huge impact on our body’s calcium production, as well as our nervous system. You will also have to up your Vitamin C levels if you work in an environment where you are more likely to catch a virus or infection.


Staying Away from Preservatives

Fast food and packaged snacks are a huge temptation. By the time you survive your day at work and the traffic, you might not have time to cook your dinner from scratch, and you will reach for the easy option. Unfortunately, the preservatives, artificial colorings, and other chemicals can reduce your body’s efficiency to absorb nutrition and fight illnesses. Whenever you can, swap to organic snacks instead of processed carb-containing biscuits or chocolate bars.


Natural Pain Relief Methods

There is a painkiller epidemic in the United States that can be prevented with natural pain relief. Don’t reach for the Paracetamol and Aspirin immediately; try alternative methods, such as drinking water first, getting some fresh air, doing yoga or Tai Chi, or massage. These methods are less invasive, and you can avoid the unwanted side effects of pain medications. There are some great homeopathic medications available that can help you eliminate pain and stay healthy.



If you would like to keep your mental health in check, it is important that you meditate and take time off for yourself. You might be too busy running after other people and forget about your own needs. Meditation will not take a lot of time, but it has plenty of mental and physical health benefits. You can deal with your problems more effectively, understand your own needs better, and improve your productivity. Whenever you feel like you are going underwater, reach for meditation as an effective method to get your thoughts back on track.


Regular Checkups

Unfortunately, if you would like to keep the doctor away, you will need to visit the clinic regularly to get your checkups. Don’t forget about your cancer screening, and – if you have a preexisting condition – your blood pressure, blood sugar, and other tests. The good news is that you can complete some of the health checks at home, saving time and frustration, still having the peace of mind that you are OK and on the right track when it comes to your health.


Weight Monitoring

It is easy to fall into the habit of snacking on chocolate or candy between meals, and not noticing that the pounds start piling up. You will have to make sure that you are able to check your weight and BMI at home and notice the signs of weight gain. If there is no reason for you putting on weight, and you haven’t changed your diet recently, chances are that your metabolism has slowed down and you need to improve your diet or exercise more.



Avoiding Stress

Stress is responsible for several mental health illnesses and physical symptoms, too. Our busy lifestyle doesn’t’ always allow us to avoid it, but we can learn how to minimize and treat it on the go. Don’t engage in pointless arguments, as you will only raise your blood pressure. Ask yourself whether or not the thing you are so worried about will matter in two years’ time. If it is not likely, just let it go and focus on the things you can change, instead of the ones you can’t.  


If you don’t enjoy your visits to the doctors’ office, you will have to start taking responsibility for your own health. Start by improving your lifestyle, exercising more, getting some fresh air, and staying away from painkillers and processed food as much as possible.


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