Helping Your Dog Handle a Thunderstorm

So long as it’s not posing a threat to the security of their family and home, most people enjoy a good thunderstorm. They don’t come all that often, and when they do, it’s fun to get snuggled up, grab some supplies, and listen to the roar of Mother Nature from a safe space. However, if you have a dog, then not everyone in your family will enjoy a thunderstorm. Quite the opposite, in fact: they’ll hate it. They’ll be scared and anxious, and it’ll be up to you to reassure them that it’s not the end of the world. We take a look at a few ways you can do this below.


Find a Quiet Spot

The storm is going to be loud, and in any case, your dog has much more sensitive hearing than you do, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make it more bearable for your pet. It’s all about finding the quietest spot of the home and setting up camp there. It’ll be a lot better for them to be in an interior room than for them to be, say, next to a window.


Be There With Them

Your dog is going to be pretty preoccupied with the storm, and if you’re there with them, it might feel like you’re not making a difference. But ignore that feeling: you’ll be helping your pet if you’re by their side. In between the rumbles of the thunder, you’ll be able to stroke and comfort them. When the thunder does clap, it’s best to avoid getting overly excited – some owners try to get their pet to calm down in an animated way, which doesn’t do much for the dog’s nerves. Stay calm.


Treats and Solutions

Your dog shouldn’t have to face a thunderstorm all by themselves if they don’t need to. There are things you can give your pet to help calm them down, such as CBD oil. It’s completely safe for dogs if it’s given in the right dosage, and has been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety. To learn more, take a read of the ultimate guide to cbd oil for dogs. It might just be the thing they need to calm down. Additionally, make sure you have some treats and their favorite toys handy – they might be enough to distract your dog’s attention.



Replicate the Sound

To prevent your dog from having the same problem over and over again, look at getting them used to the sound of thunder. There are CDs and online videos of thunderstorm sounds. When the weather is calm, look at playing these sounds for your dog. Start quietly at first, then slowly build up. By the time a real storm rolls around, they might just be used to the noise.


Reward Calm Behavior

You’ll also want to make a habit of rewarding calm behavior throughout the year. If your dog knows that’s the correct way to act, they might just have the inner peace to stay calm during a storm.


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