Helping Your Family Come Together During Important Times

It’s important to help your family come together when the going gets tough. This is what families are for. While of course, the distinction between friend and family can be blurred between those are really here for you. In this article, we hope to use the term ‘family’ to denote anyone that you consider your family, blood relation or not. People often say that blood is thicker than water. While in reality that is absolutely true, the metaphor it denotes isn’t quite true. Family members can be close to you or not, as can friends. It’s why we call our long-standing friends ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ to our children, as it offers them more of an honorary title in our family.

All that matters is how things go when people bond together. That’s the most important part of any connected group of close people. As the head of a group like this, or at least someone to whom the responsibility falls, it can be worthwhile to know how to arrange and organize people when issues must be dealt with.

It might be that you’re trying to find more info on a positive retirement community for your elderly relative suffering a neurodegenerative disease. You might all be mourning a mutual loss, or perhaps are going through some financial troubles, such as the family farm slowly being put out of business. Helping your family come together during important times cannot only help regulate the emotional health of the group but might even give everyone more of a personal goal and willingness to help out once they realize exactly what’s on the line.

With our simple tips, you should have more success in bringing people together, and giving everyone the hope they need:


Schedule Family Meetings

Scheduling a family meeting can be important for everyone to weigh in on a topic and give their input. This isn’t to say you should put the important decisions to a vote, or you should do anything else than discuss the plans you have come up with, but being told personally, as a family, can help people feel as if they’ve been consulted and respected.

When a familiar format like this is followed, it’s not uncommon for family members to feel as if the path you have chosen to go down will respect the intentions of those who attend. It will help them see your emotional truth when deciding what to do. It can also help you assign responsibilities to people in attendance, potentially helping you work towards whatever solution is necessary more quickly. For example, if you’re mourning the loss of a relative, you might ask for your brother to take care of the coffin arrangements, or your sister to book the hearses for the funeral.

More personal family meetings with those who are expected to carry the bulk of the load might be worthwhile, in order to chisel out what financial responsibilities and obligations each member of the group has. You might schedule mutual efforts to help an elderly relative move into a care home. You might decide to share the routine and timeline of visitation you’ll begin, in order to ensure your relative meets with a different member of the family visiting each week. All of this can mean plenty, as a problem shared is often a problem halved, and you can apply that mathematical equation too as many close family members that are willing to help out.


Open A Group Chat / Social Media

While the old-fashioned pow-wow is perhaps one of the best things to take care of when struggling to make decisions or needing to put decisions into practice, it’s not always a convenience for those running their own familial offshoots. It might be worth opening a social media group chat, which is easy to do so long as they can be found on these websites. Twitter, Facebook and dedicated messaging apps like Whatsapp offer this functionality more appropriately, and the latter example offers encrypted communications if you hope to keep your dialogue private.


Shared Responsibility

It might be that you divide responsibility for those heavy moments depending on the current obligations of each family member. For example, if you’re a middle-aged bachelor and your younger sister has a family with five children to take care of, it might be worth volunteering more of your time than her in order to help you elderly relative settle into a new life. It might be that if you’re much more affluent than other members of your family, that you don’t ask to share the cost of the solution evenly depending on the price.

Sharing responsibility with a little love and consideration is important so long as that courtesy is returned back to you. This is how families truly band together. A family aimed towards a goal is not a business, with a stock set of responsibilities and requirements for success. In these personal issues, you can be a little more flexible with how the result is found, and how gentle you want to be applying new decisions.



Sometimes, a family just needs to be there for each other. Scheming, planning and scheduling are all well and good, but in the event of a difficult circumstance, it might be worth just coming together and sitting in each other’s presence. Sharing food with your family is perhaps one of the nurturing and mutually loving things you can ever do, and this can help heal the difficulties you might have faced.

If your family has struggled to fully meet with one another for some time, this might be one of the best places to begin, so long as you do begin. Bringing the family together can, unfortunately, be underlined by difficult scenarios, but at least when you have each other you realize that you can face whatever difficulty you’re going through together, and heal more completely as a result, or find a better way.

With our simple tips laid out above, helping your family come together during important times is sure to be a positive, helpful or healing process.


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