Here’s Why You’re Tired All The Time

Are you tired of being tired all the time? Well, if you seem to be tired no matter how much sleep you get, there’s a chance that you aren’t just tired – you might actually be suffering from fatigue. Fatigue is an excessive form of tiredness that doesn’t seem to be cured by sleep. More often than not, there is often an underlying medical condition causing it that you need to check out with your doctor.


Are you worried about feeling fatigued? Here are some potential causes.


You’re Doing Too Much

If you have been trying to juggle too much recently, your fatigue could be a result of burning out. You might be very stressed because of all the jobs and responsibility that you have been taking on, and with little time to yourself to relax, this could have all become a bit too much for you both mentally and physically. If you think that this is the cause of your fatigue, it’s worth taking a couple of days away from everything to try and unwind and recharge your batteries.


You’re Anemic

The problem could be hiding in your blood. Lots of people, especially women, suffer from a deficiency of iron. This causes them to suffer with anemia without even realizing it. If it gets quite bad, though, you might start to notice that you are tired all the time, and find it hard to get energized. If you think that you are indeed anemic, you need to start eating red meat, shellfish, spinach, and other foods that are rich in iron.


There’s A Problem With Your Thyroid

A malfunctioning thyroid could also be the cause of any fatigue you have been experiencing. To rule this out, you might want to visit the Denton Combs Center for Excellence or a similar thyroid specialist in your local area. They will be able to examine you and your thyroid and can see if you need any treatment to get your thyroid back on track.


You Have Sleep Apnoea

Are you sure that you are getting enough sleep at night? A few people think that they sleep well throughout the night but actually suffer from sleep apnoea without even realizing it. This is when you stop breathing for a short period of time. The body will wake up to start breathing again, but this might only take a second or two, so the individual will forget about waking up. If you think this may be your problem, it’s worth seeing your doctor for some advice.


You Suffer From Coeliac Disease

Fatigue is also a symptom of the Coeliac disease, which occurs when an individual can not process gluten in the body. More often than not, the fatigue is also present with bloatedness, diarrhea, and weight loss. The best solution is to simply cut out gluten from the diet.


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you might be feeling fatigued. Hopefully, you get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later!


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