Easing Into Childcare!

nanny nannycare childcare daycare homecare kidcare
nanny nannycare childcare daycare homecare kidcare
Deciding which of the many childcare options works best for you and your family is the first step to making your childcare experience successful.
Step two to starting childcare off the right way by making sure your little one is as comfortable with the person or people taking care of him. If your little one is under 6 months then you probably do not have to worry about separation anxiety. Make sure you just take things slowly so your child can ease into his new setting and have the best experience possible.

Easing In With a Nanny

The best way to begin the experience with a nanny? We had her spend at least one full paid day with us before I just left them alone. That way, the nanny had time to see how I liked to do things and asked me questions. Plus, Maverik was able to get used to her while I was still around, something that made my little one feel more secure and comfortable. Cece talks about how she had a nanny for 9 years before her husband had passed and than her nanny was still there to help her and that is just such an important bond between the two. You need that connection between the nanny and the child! Do not rush anything between the three of you. Start with little steps like hold your child in your arms than passing him to your nanny. Sometimes no matter what your nanny does your baby will scream and cry as long as you are around, that doesn’t mean you hired a bad nanny that’s why you need to check on how the nanny reacts to your baby’s reactions. You should give the nanny a chance if she seems like she has patience than that’s great if she starts to get frustrated or flustered than you should probably find someone else.


Easing Into Daycare

If you are choosing the daycare option plan to stick around the first day or couple days so you can be there to help your little one transition into daycare. Some daycares actually say you cant be there longer than 2 hours so make sure you check with their policy. The older your child is the easier the transition will be. As your child becomes used to his surroundings you can slowly move away from him and allow the caregivers to take over. When it comes time to leave it’s better to leave when something is going on or the room seems busy than you can just sneak out! Eventually, you need to build the trust with your baby to make a point to hug and kiss him before you leave.


Your Childcare Experience

So your child has been in the new caregiver’s hands for a few weeks now. So far everything is going good, but even when you are comfortable with your choice you need to pay attention to every little detail. Ask people who might see your nanny and baby together for their opinion about how they are doing together. You can always come home early or ask a friend or family member to stop by unannounced to see what is going on when you’re not there. The same unannounced visit works with daycare providers as well. If you have some extra cash I highly suggest getting a camera to put on your child’s daycare bag or putting a camera in your home so you can see exactly how things are going.


Now you might be worried because your baby still isn’t talking yet but here are some great tips on how to check if you need to change the daycare or not:

  • Has developed new eating or sleeping problems.
  • Is still unhappy when he sees his caregiver or is dropped off at daycare (acting more upset or frightened at being left than just sad that you’re leaving).
  • Is noticeably more unhappy, tired, or cranky at the end of the day.
  • The diaper is consistently sopping wet or soiled when you pick him up or arrive home. (this is so annoying and unpleasing)
  • Is unusually withdrawn or shows other sudden behavior changes.
  • Has unexplained bruises, cuts, or other possible signs of abuse. (you need to take pictures and call the police right away!)

Sometimes red flags appear later, which may signal that your baby has outgrown her caregiver. For example, a nanny who’s great with newborns may not be as good with an active toddler. Or, your family day care may not have the capacity to handle another toddler now that your baby is almost walking. So never go on autopilot, ALWAYS stay alert for signs that you need to make a change. If you find a childcare situation that may be a better fit and you really want to switch, try to do it after a natural break, like a vacation or a break in the schedule, so it’s not quite so crazy!


nanny nannycare childcare daycare homecare kidcare

I switch up every few months because I want Maverik to learn different social skills with other people. Maybe one caregiver has more to offer than another caregiver.

I love care.com because there are always nannies available, and you can see other peoples ratings for when they had done jobs!

I have always used a nanny since my son was born but recently changed to a daycare because I wanted my son to increase his social skills. Do not be afraid of change because it is good! Unless you are just one of those lucky people that found the perfect in-home nanny, keep her around because she will turn out to be a great friend to your child!


The last thing I wanted you to make sure you check out and go over with your little one is “Safety With Strangers”. Why? Because no matter what childcare option you choose these people are still strangers. Check out this FREE 5-day course about safety with strangers. Once you officially pick what childcare option is right for you I highly suggest this full 3-hour course of safety with strangers. You want to make sure your family is completely educated at all times. Do not be that parent that doesn’t go the extra mile to take care of their child.

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