How To Make Exercise Less Boring

Want to know why people don’t exercise enough? It’s because they think it’s boring. They think keeping fit is a chore, an unnecessary evil they would rather not do because life is full of more interesting things… such as getting through their Netflix watchlist, enjoying a social life, and spending an extra glorious hour in bed. And this is despite the positive effects to our health that exercise can bring, including the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. And what about you? Do you regularly exercise or do you see it as ‘too much effort?’ Do you refuse to exercise more with the excuse ‘It’s boring?’ Then we may be able to change your mind.


The reason why people think exercise is ‘boring’ is that they take part in activities they don’t enjoy. If you can’t be bothered going for a run around the block or joining the gym because it’s your idea of personal hell, then find something you will have fun doing. Join a dance class, take up a sport you used to love as a child, go for a bike ride in the country, go for a run pumping your favorite tunes into your ears, play motion-controlled video games, play tag with the kids, and embark on fun workouts. There are loads of ways to exercise without it becoming a chore, so write down a list of the activities you might enjoy and then get out there and do them.


The other way to make exercise less boring is to make it a social activity.

Going for a run or to the gym can be more interesting if you buddy up with somebody else. Not only do you have somebody to have a laugh with while you’re doing it, but you also have somebody you can be accountable to; that person who will spur you on when you can’t be bothered, and vice versa. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, find that person you will enjoy spending time with, as they will be a great motivating factor.


And speaking of motivation, set yourself a target each day.

Using Fitbits or other tracking devices, work towards those goals that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health. You might even make it a competitive thing, challenging your keep-fit buddy to see who can do the most steps or lose the most calories in a week. And when you have achieved your goals, treat yourself – not with a doughnut or a giant bar of chocolate (that would defeat the purpose) – but rather something else that will make you feel good, such as a new piece of clothing or a meal at a healthy restaurant.


Finally, remember why exercise is good for you in the first place.

Doing wonders for both your physical and emotional wellbeing, exercise can also refresh your skin, help you look younger, and prolong your overall life. By taking part in fun activities, you will have more time in life to do those ‘other’ things you want to do, such as binge-watching your favorite tv shows or spending time at the mall with friends. What will be boring is you sitting at home with poor health unable to do much of anything! So, alter your mindset, enjoy what you do and relish in the benefits. You will enhance your life in so many ways if you do.


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