The Evergreen Blog: How To Post At Any Time, Anywhere

Part of being a successful blogger is keeping up with the demand. Once you have a readership and sponsors pump in money, then they want to see a return for their investment. The best way to do it is to churn out quality content to ensure the traffic levels remain high throughout the year.

To do this, the blog needs to be accessible at any time from anywhere on the planet. Then, you can release a post whether you’re in the home office or on a beach in Tahiti. For evergreen and reliable content, here are the things to keep in mind.


Reliable Wifi

For the most part, you’ll find yourself at home coming up with ideas. The office, whether it’s a study or a converted bedroom, is the foundation of your success which means it needs to be reliable. Providers exist around the country yet not all of them are on point. And, a brand name doesn’t go too far either. The trick is to research which company is the best in your area. Then, check out the price list to see if they are affordable. As well as and, look into and other local experts. What you want is a strong signal with high download speeds up 100 MBS.



When you do leave the house, it’s essential to stay connected throughout the day. Thankfully, this is easy to do because of smartphones. However, your plan might not allow you to get the most out of your content if it doesn’t include enough data. Sure, 1GB is less than $15 a month but it runs out in a matter of hours. 20GB to 30GB is pretty much unlimited and will keep you online all week. Because mobile internet uses the phone’s signal, you want to buy a booster for the weak areas.


Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Firstly, the wifi is free which means you can buy a couple of cups of coffee and work from Starbucks. Let’s face it – you’d probably do that anyway so it’s no big expense. The second thing to note is energy. Not only does using a coffee shop’s rates reduce your monthly bills, but it also stops you from running out of charge. Smartphones aren’t power efficient so you’ll need a boost throughout the day. You can purchase a battery pack, too. The last thing to note is a change of scenery. Sometimes, the buzz helps to encourage new and creative ideas.



There aren’t enough hours in a day, especially when you’re in charge. Although you won’t like it, it’s better to delegate to people you trust to keep the content rolling. Don’t hand out the code to anyone who contributes to the blog because that is crazy. Instead, choose the ones who are trustworthy and whose posts have been of a consistently high standard. If you like, you can tweak the settings so that they can only do certain things. In short, you’d still have the master key.


Bloggers, what you need is reliability and accessibility everywhere you go.


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