How To Remove Floor Stains!

furniture stains cleaning floor stains bossprincess101

Here are some tips & tricks id like to share with you on how to get floor stains & rug stains out!

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Candle Dripping: For spilled wax on the carpet, use a brown paper bag as a blotter and run a hot iron over it, which will absorb the wax.

Dog Stains: Blot up excess moisture with paper towel. Pour club soda on the spot and continue blotting. Lay a towel over the spot and set a heavy object on top in order to absorb all the moisture.

Rug Care: When washing and drying foam-backed throw rugs, never wash in hot water, and use the “air only” dryer setting to dry. Heat will ruin foam.

Cleaning Rugs: If the rug is only slightly dirty, you can clean it with cornmeal. Use a stiff brush to work the cornmeal into the pile of the rug. Take it all out with the vacuum.

Spills on the Rug: When spills happen, go to the bathroom and grab a can of shaving cream. Squirt it on the spot then rinse off with water.

Ballpoint Ink Marks: Saturate the spots with hairspray. Allow drying. Brush lightly with a solution of water and vinegar,

Glue: Can be loosened by saturating the spot with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

Repairing Braided Rugs: Often rip apart, instead of sewing them, use clear fabric glue to repair, It’s that fast and easy!

furniture stains cleaning floor stains bossprincess101

Repairing a Burn: Remove some fuzz from the carpet, either by shaving or pulling out with a tweezer. Roll into the shape of the burn. Apply a good cement glue to the backing of the rug and press the fuzz down into the burned spot. Cover with a piece of cleansing tissue and place a heavy book on top. This will cause the glue to dry very slowly an will get the best results.

Spot Remover for Outdoor Carpeting: Spray spots liberally with a pre-wash commercial spray. Let it set several minutes, then hose down and watch the spots disappear.

Blood on the Rug: When you get blood on your rug, rub off as much as you can at first, then take a cloth soaked in cold water and wet the spot, wiping it up as you go. If a little bit remains, pour some ammonia onto the cool, wet cloth and lightly wipe that over the spot, too. Rinse it right away with cold water.

A Clean Place Is A Safe Place!<3

Crayon Marks: Use silver polish to remove from vinyl tile or linoleum.

Spilled Nail Polish: Allow to almost dry, then peel off of waxed floors or tile.

Tar Spots: Use paste wax to remove tar from floors. Works on shoes also!

Dusting Floors: Stretch a nylon stocking over the dust mop. After using, discard the stocking and you will have a clean mop.

Varnished Floors: Use cold tea to clean woodwork and varnished floors.

Spilled Grease: Rub floor with ice cubes to solidify grease. Scrape up the excess and wash with soapy water.

Quick Shine: Put a piece of waxed paper under your dust mop. dirt will stick to the mop and the wax will shine your floors.

Unmarred Floors: Put thick old socks over the legs of heavy furniture when moving across floors.

Wood Floor Care: Never use water or water-based cleaners on wood floors. Over a period of time, warping and swelling will develop.

Heel Marks: Take a pencil eraser and wipe them off.

Floor Polisher: When cleaning the felt pads of your floor polisher, place the pads between layers of newspaper and press with an iron to absorb built-up wax.

Garage Floors: In an area where a large amount of oil has spilled, lay several thicknesses of newspaper. Saturate the paper with water, press flat against the floor. When dry, remove the newspaper and the pots will have disappeared.

Basement Floors: Sprinkle sand on oily spots, let it absorb the oil, and sweep up.

If you have any tips & tricks you could share with me, please leave me your advice in the comments below!

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furniture stains cleaning floor stains bossprincess101

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