How to Turn an Outbuilding into a Stunning Office

If you would like to focus more on your blogging in the next few years and would like more space without renting an office, it might be a great idea to make use of your outbuildings. Not many of us park our cars in the garage these days, and that old kids’ playhouse might not have any use for your teenagers. Whatever space you might have, you can turn it into a stunning office at a low cost, provided you are willing to do some DIY. Find out more below.




No matter if you have one outlet or none, you can create a reliable electricity source in your shed or garden room. While wires hanging between your house and the outbuilding don’t look good and can be dangerous, you can think outside of the box. Instead, you might get direct electricity supply or – if the roof supports – install some small solar panels that will make your new office sustainable. Make sure that you will have enough power outlets for lights and laptops, as well as other gadgets.


Natural Light

If you are trying to make money off your blog, you will be sitting in front of the laptop or computer for a long time. Natural light is always better than artificial, and costs less. If you only have a few narrow windows, it might be time to open your space. Change the layout and add more windows. If you have a larger garden room, you could separate the room by adding glass blocks which will allow some light to shine through and create a great atmosphere for working.


Heating Solutions

While your shed or garden room might be boiling in the summer and you will have to keep the doors and windows open to get some relief, in the winter you will struggle with keeping warm. It is extremely important that you choose energy efficient electric heating solutions for your office, so you don’t end up paying more for your electricity than it would cost you to rent a room or office in the winter.



You will also have to change the flooring to suit your style and your needs. The insulation capabilities of the flooring solution are important, and it is recommended that you use a heat insulating underlay that will keep you warm. You can get these by the roll in most DIY stores, and they are easy to install under laminate, wooden floor, tiles, or carpets. Insulating your floors will help you save on your heating bills, too.



While insulating your floor is crucial, garden rooms hardly come with great energy retention ratings. You can either add a secondary insulation by getting boards to fit on the internal walls, made to measure or use Polycell rolls that will keep you warm during the winter. You should also check the windows, and make sure that you shop around for Replacement Windows to get more natural light without having to compromise the heat retention of your office.



Of course, if you would like to get inspired by your office environment, you will have to pay attention to the decoration. Whether you would like to get a canvas or a big poster wallpaper that features your all-time favorite holiday destinations or a photo of your family, you can customize your blank space to help your creativity flourish and create stunning blog posts and content that will make you succeed in making money online.



You should choose your furniture carefully, as well. A modern office with all the natural light and convenience will help you stay focused on what you are doing. Make sure that you are choosing either upcycled or repurposed furniture, and create a seating area for you to chill and relax. A corner with a gaming chair and console will be a great way to motivate yourself to go on working so you can have some fun. Add a music shelf with a Bluetooth speaker, so you can stream your favorite music.

Whether you are looking to get some peace from the kids when working on your website or marketing your blog or simply would like more space, you can put your unused outbuildings in good use. Repurposing them will be a great DIY project and you can create an office that will keep you focused on the task ahead and inspire you. Pay attention to heating and air conditioning, decorate the space, and you are ready to move into your new office.


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