Hurrah For Home Decor: Get Your Pad Looking Perfect, On a Budget!

Is your home in need of a refresh? If it’s looking tired and dull and is lacking personality then it’s not somewhere you’ll be excited about coming back to at the end of each day. Home should be where we feel at our most comfortable while kitting out your place can be expensive there are plenty of ways you can spruce it up on a budget. Here are just a few ideas.



Make your own homewares

Things like curtains, cushion covers, and other soft furnishings can be pricey when you buy them in the shops. However, if you equip yourself with a good sewing machine, you can see them here, you can make your own. Not only will this be cheaper but you have far more options than you would buy ready made. You can create matching items easily if you want to, and you have a much wider range of fabrics to choose from.


Ask friends and family

If you ask friends and family to let you know when they’re getting rid of things, you could snag yourself some fantastic items. Often when people upgrade, whatever they had before is still perfect and if they pass it onto you so it gets more use then it’s a win-win. Friends and family will often be happy to help, so it’s worth asking instead of them throwing away perfectly good items or giving them to someone else.



Don’t be afraid to buy second hand when you’re kitting out your place, even old and ugly pieces of furniture can be transformed with a coat of paint and some new handles. Keep an eye out in junk shops, Facebook Marketplace and local classified ads for solid wood furniture that looks like it would be a good upcycling project. You get a piece of furniture for free (or cheap), can spruce it up and it’s completely unique.


Search bargain stores

End of line stores, dollar stores, eBay and more are all full of interesting items that are far cheaper than what you’d pay on the high street. Small, inexpensive items like clocks, photo frames, candles and more can all add homeliness and personality to you pad but they don’t need to cost a lot. Don’t overlook these kinds of places when you’re looking for inexpensive decor.


Scour grocery stores

Grocery stores these days sell far more than just groceries. Most will have homeware sections too that sell some beautiful things. Bedding, curtains, decorative accessories, home scents and more can all be picked up and won’t cost a fortune. You can even buy things like technology in there- TVs, speakers and more that are all a little cheaper than you’d find in tech shops. Next time you’re visiting to grab your weekly food shop, take a walk down the other aisles, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Are you decorating your home on a budget? If you’ve ever done this, what would you recommend to anyone who wants a lovely home without tons of money to spend?


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