Two In The Bed & The Little One Said…

There are so many labels and ideas when it comes to parenting that for a new mom just getting started, everything can get very confusing very quickly. Once you’ve had your baby, the last thing that you want is to be apart from them. You’ve spent nine months carrying your child in your belly, feeling every kick and turn and stretch. Once they’re born, the idea of putting them down and not feeling every hiccup and hearing every snuffle is an inconceivable idea.

It’s for this reason that many parents, especially breastfeeding moms, choose to bedshare with their baby. It’s not just a time to comfort them, either, as the idea is that the baby isn’t separated from their mother at all during the night.


You may be reading this thinking that the idea is crazy.

Well, it’s not for everyone, much like a lot of the different parenting ideas. It’s important to know that there are rules when it comes to bed sharing, and it usually starts with visiting a store to get the best new mattress and bedding possible. Babies do not need duvet covers and they shouldn’t sleep close to pillows, but a good, breathable mattress for you is not only supportive, it’s good practice. Bedsharing, when done correctly, is safe. Some parents find their baby sleeps far better when close to them through the night, so it’s a way for everyone to get a good night of sleep without too much disruption.



If you want to bedshare with your baby, these are the guidelines that you need to follow:

  1. Push the bed right against the wall so that there is no gap between that and the mattress. Reducing the risk of the baby getting caught in the night.
  2. If you swaddle your baby or use a baby sleeping bag, you do not need to put a blanket or sheet over your baby to sleep.
  3. Keep pillows away from the area that the baby sleeps beside you, and no loose sheets or covers should be anywhere they can pull it over their face.
  4. If you or your partner smoke, you should not bed share at all regardless of where you smoke.
  5. If you or your partner have had any measures of alcohol or any drugs, you should not bedshare.
  6. Babies should be put down full, dry, warm and on their back, not their side or tummy.
  7. If you are feeling particularly exhausted, it may be worth investing in a bedside crib instead of bedsharing. This gives you the best of both worlds.


Babies who are close to their parents are often comforted, and bedsharing makes breastfeeding in the night easier, especially the cluster feeding.

Choosing to bedshare is a big decision and you should look into all the ways that it’s safe for your baby to sleep before you go for it. Informed choice is better than nothing and you know your comfort and your baby best. Be safe and you can enjoy a beautiful bond with your little one.


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