Is It Possible To Achieve Child Safety In An Attic-Based Playroom?

We would all love to be able to provide a home playroom for our kids. At the very least, this would save toys ending up in every corner of the house. Plus, the kids would be able to play without worry and take full responsibility for the room. It could become their den and hiding place, and a valuable addition to any family home.

The trouble is, few of us have the space to incorporate something like this. The chances are that ‘playroom’ just wasn’t on your list of requirements when you bought your house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate something like this. By building into your attic, for example, you could create a space with play in mind.


The only trouble is, attics and children don’t often mix. This is a part of the house you probably tell your kids to get away from. That makes sense, given that most attics are full of risks. But, with a little thought, we propose this could be the ideal playroom set up. All you need to do is make it safe by considering the following.

Replace the ladder with stairs

Even the trip to the attic may be hazardous as it stands. The majority of us get into our roof spaces using rickety ladders. That’s not good for children for obvious reasons. Before work starts, then, you should find out whether it would be possible to install stairs. In some cases, the layout of your attic will mean this off the cards straight away. More often than not, though, chatting with contractors will see you with a child-safe attic staircase in no time.


Remove the risks of leaks

Another issue with the attic is that it’s close to the elements. If there are holes and leaks in your roof, your attic will soon know about it. This is problematic in various ways, but it could also pose risks to children. Unexpected leaks on the floor could lead to slips and trips. Continual exposure from the elements could even lead to illness. As such, your next step should be to check the condition of your roof. If you spot a few issues, don’t hesitate to fix them before starting your transformation. Bear in mind that you want a fix which lasts. Rather than opting for quick repair jobs, it may be worth contacting a metal roofing contractor for a long-lasting option. That way, you can rest easy this playroom will still be safe for your grandchildren and beyond.

Get rid of those floorboards

Most of us have rustic floorboards in our attic spaces which can look amazing with a little TLC. When redesigning this room with kids in mind, though, it’s always worth laying carpet. The fact is that rustic floorboards pose all manner of risks. If your kids don’t get splinters during play, they could well end up putting a foot through that delicate wood. Don’t risk it. Instead, lay carpet before you let little feet loose up above.

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