Is It Worth Researching Your Family Tree?

When it comes to researching family trees, the history of our lineage and genealogy, some of us want to know everything that we can. Others aren’t bothered. We live in the here and now, we know our direct family, we know health history going back a generation or two, but that’s about it. We don’t see the point of learning more and can’t see how it would affect our lives. We’re happy not knowing.

Despite this, family history research is popular. There are TV shows where celebrities learn more about their lineage, and where people get reunited with long-lost relatives around the world. You can buy books which help you to investigate your family tree, and there are websites which can help you to learn more about your family, going back many generations. You can read more here, but it’s certainly not a passing trend. These kinds of shows, books and sites have been popular for a long time, and certain groups of people have always been keen to learn more about their more distant family.

If it’s not something that you’ve ever considered, you might wonder if it’s really worth the effort, if it’s not something that you are interested in. Even with websites and guides, you do have to put some work in yourself, so, why bother?


To Respect and Honor the Memory of Those That Came Before

The first reason to look back at your family history is to honor those members of your family who might otherwise be forgotten. By learning about their lives, no matter how mundane and normal they seem to be, you honor them and pay them your respect. You continue to do this every time you speak about them or share their stories with your own friends and family.

Whether your ancestors were hero’s, or average joes, their lives mattered to those around them, and they deserve to be remembered. Just imagine someone reading about you in 200 years’ time, doesn’t it make you feel important and unique? Do you ancestors the same service.


To Pass on Their Stories

Stories of the past are in danger of being lost. There’s a lot known about affluent groups, rich, powerful men and villains. But, much less is known about poorer people, or about women and their lives. Their stories are as important as everyone else’s.

We’re reaching a time when even those that survived World War Two are dying of old age. Imagine if their stories had never been shared. If we’d never been given a chance to learn from what went on in those years.

Learning more about your own bloodline gives you the chance to share their stories and pass on their history. Tell your own children stories, write them down, blog about them and tell your friends.


To Learn More About Your Own Health

When we have kids, we worry about what we might pass down to them. Health care professionals ask us questions about our family history because it’s important to know the risks as early as possible. But, did you know that it isn’t just your parent’s health that matters? Some illnesses, genetic issues, and cancers can miss generations. When it comes to protecting your health, as well as that of your family, you can never know too much. Looking at your family history, their health, how long they lived and what they died of could give you important information about your own health and future.


To Understand Yourself Better

Do you know yourself? It sounds like such a simple question, but it’s not always clear. We’re not always aware of our moods and personality traits. When it comes to negative traits, most of us aren’t particularly self-aware. We can’t always explain our emotions or thoughts. We don’t always know what we do things. We don’t always understand ourselves at all.

Learning more about your family history can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Of your personality and character. You might find that a distant relative has made decisions similar to your own. Reading their story might help you to understand your own processes. You might have a lot more in common with your distant past than you think and learning more about them could help you to learn more

about yourself.


To Bring Your Family Back Together and Strengthen Your Bonds

Families today aren’t often as close as they’ve been in the past. The bonds are there, and we love our families. But, nowadays it’s not uncommon for family members to live all over the world. Only meeting up every now and then for special occasions. Some families that live close together are that busy that they never get much time together. This can lead to a lack of things in common.

Learning more about your past and sharing this knowledge and these stories with your family, even if it’s just in emails and on video chat gives you something in common again. The past can bind you, give you something to talk about, and learn about together, and strengthen your bonds as a family moving forward.


To Help Others

Your family history might not just help you. You might be able to share their stories with historical groups, researches, writers and more. Those TV shows about family histories are incredibly popular. People are interested, and your stories could help others.


Learning About Your Family is Fun

We all need a hobby. You might find that learning more about your family is interest and fun. You might find yourself wanting to write it all down and share it as far as possible. Learning more about the past can be a great hobby, which leads to a broader interest in history and the events that your family experienced.


Learning Makes it Real

History and past family is an abstract idea. Learning more about it makes it real. Learning facts, like names, places, and dates of birth, as well as stories and personal details, make your family tree real.

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