Is Your Home As Clean as It Looks?

If you are one of those house proud people who loves having friends around and showing off their home’s best features, you might be spending a lot of time cleaning the visible spaces. However, we often forget about the hidden dangers of our home that can cause health problems long term. If you want to make sure that your home is looking after you as well as you look after it, you should pay attention to the below details.




We all think that a washing machine cannot get dirty. This is a misconception. It is important to keep it clean at the hard to reach places or where damp and mold can develop. The soap caddy should be removed every month to clean under and inside. You will be surprised to find that there are germs and even black mold all over the place. You should also remove your washing machine and dishwasher every couple of months to clean under and behind them. Use soda crystals to disinfect and get rid of limescale.


Heaters and Radiators

It is not easy to remember that a lot of dust can accumulate inside the fireplace and behind the radiators. While these areas are hard to access, with the right vacuum accessories and dusting appliances, you can get rid of the harmful bacteria and dust mites that the hot air is circulating in your rooms. Do this whenever you spring clean, and you will notice an improvement in indoor air quality.



If you have an extractor fan in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will have to keep them dust free. If your home has a high humidity air, spores of mold or mildew can grow. Kitchen extractor fans can get blocked by oil and fat, as well as smoke, resulting in unhealthy air and breaking down in extreme cases.


Behind Built-In Furniture

While built-in furniture is hard to move and clean behind, you have to tackle the task. You might find that there is a damp and dark place that is just the perfect hiding spot for wood roach or rodents. Using disinfectant and spraying boric acid solution in the small gaps will help you prevent the infestation, but it is important to keep an eye on the dark and damp areas of your home to prevent mold, mildew, and pest invasions.



Under the Carpet

You might vacuum your carpet regularly, but there are a lot of dust mites and bacteria under it, too. It might be a  good idea to change your carpet every 5-6 years to keep your home healthy and clean. If you have rugs, your job of removing them will be easier. For fitted carpets, however, you should use a steam cleaner that penetrates the carpet fiber and the underlay and kills germs,


When cleaning our house, we tend to focus on the most visible and easiest to access places. Make sure that next time you give your home a deep clean you check the above areas for health hazards.


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