Jump Back Into School With An Extra $100 GIVEAWAY!

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This fantastic giveaway features a $100 gift card to one of my all-time favorite place to shop!  Amazon! It is also brought to you by FOUR amazing bloggers! We understand how important it is to get our little ones back to school, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some extra money to help out!

Before you jump to the giveaway – take a little time to learn about your amazing sponsors and check out our blogs. Please be sure to follow us as well! We offer topics to suit practically every reader!


giveaway backtoschool amazon amazongiftcard money bossprincess101 momgiveaway

The Ladies Behind The GIVEAWAY!




Kirsta, is an amazing wife, mom of 2 beautiful girls, a nurse, and a blogger. As you can see she has so much passion for this world! She has a history of mental health problems, drug, and alcohol so this makes her passionate about helping others realize their potential.  Kirst’as two beautiful daughters have special needs, one is on the autism spectrum with sensory processing disorder and the other has a lot of problems with food allergies.

MamaOfTheDrama is everything mommyhood, breastfeeding, DIY & Crafts, nurse life, and special needs parenting. If you would like to join their daily drama, follow them on social media and click that subscribe button!

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Veronica is a stay at home mompreneur to a 16-month-old named Maverik. She started out as a mom blogger and now has opened her second business as a virtual assistant. She loves helping and encouraging people.  Her personal goal is to make each person better than they were before they met her.

Her website, BossPrincess101, is about her and Maverik’s life.  She does tons of helpful reviews on her favorite products that can help you make purchasing decisions.  She is also a Virtual Assistant and can truly help you take a load of stress off(this site is under construction) ! If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact her.  She is also a big fan of giveaways and runs them constantly. Follow her on:

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Tales of a Scrunchy Mom

Liane is very passionate about all things health, wellness, and fitness. She shares what she has learned over 10 years of transforming her health, adopting a plant-based diet and holistic lifestyle, and dropping 20+ pounds.

She is the mother of two, ages 15 and 10, married to her high school sweetheart, an administrative virtual assistant by day and blogger by night. She is currently pursuing certifications in holistic nutrition and personal training, and am a certified goals success and CBT coach.

Her blog, Tales of a Scrunchy Mom, aims to inspire other women, especially moms, to take charge of their health, and fill their own proverbial cups first so they can show up as their best selves for the people who matter most in their lives. Follow her for the best wellness tips, fitness motivation, and healthy eating inspiration.

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Kristine is a SAHM with two beautiful boys, ages 3 and 4 months. Her family lives in the beautiful Northwest of the United States with an aging cat and two free roam house bunnies.

As Kristine says, parenthood is a guessing game with a million handbooks. Her blog, KrisBeeMamahopes to help fellow moms (and dads) with parenting tips, easy recipes, saving money, and anything else that can help see them all through the wonderful chaos of raising kids. Due to dietary restrictions at home, all recipes are also gluten-free, though most are just naturally gluten-free. Check her out on social media here:

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Entering the Giveaway

Now that you’ve gotten to know your fabulous sponsors – here’s what you need to know about the giveaway.

We’re giving away 1 gift card for $100 to Amazon!

I mean, who doesn’t need that extra money to Amazon?! It’s August! One of the most expensive months in the year, besides December! Plus everyone loves Amazon! You can always find something on there to get!

All you have to do is follow the super easy steps in the Rafflecopter below.

Also, we are awarding extra entries for sharing on social media.  Be sure to comment below if you do this as well!  We will add these entries manually to the giveaway.

This giveaway is not associated with Amazon.  The gift card will be delivered electronically to the winner.  Contest ends September 4th at 4:00 P.M. EST. 

Follow this link to the GIVEAWAY! 


giveaway backtoschool amazon amazongiftcard money bossprincess101 momgiveaway

Written by y5zqw

Hello there, I’m Veronica! I run BossPrincess101 for young souls to be inspired by my parenting skills, my techniques with life, DIY projects, the delicious recipes I make for my family, and I love sharing my favorite products with others! I have been a multi-influencer for about 4 years. The past few months I have also really dedicated myself to helping businesses. My goal is to help people build better, not bigger, businesses at the end of each day.

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