Just Write A List!

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Do you ever want to just sit down and write about something, but you have no idea what to write about.

Or maybe you are just a person that likes to make lists instead of writing a novel.

Escaping from the world for a little bit and putting all of your mind and energy towards the piece you are writing could really put so much peace in your mind. It can be so soothing.Here is a list of things that I came up with that are positive things to think about, and honestly I believe they are good lists to make. It gets you to think about your life, and what you really want. Enjoy!

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The List:
-your best qualities
-life goals
-goals for the next month
-goals for the next year
-goals for the next 5 years
-goals for the next 10 years
-your roll models
-your favorite quotes
-things you have done for other people the past two months
-gift ideas
-key dates- birthdays, appointments + more
-compliments you have received
-food you would like to try
-things you are addicted to
-things you would like to do
-things you would like to learn
-your values
-date night ideas
-your favorite things to do
-all the things you are good at doing
-what you like to do with your family
-places you would like to visit
-what you like to do with your friends
-things you love about your best friend
-items you would like to buy
-what you like most about yourself
-make a bucket list

list write a list bossprincess101

Writing is Good for the Soul…

I purchased the book “The 52 Lists Project” about a year ago when I was pregnant with my son. Its a year of weekly journaling inspiration. I personally really enjoyed it and I thought I would share it with you guys! 



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