Keeping Up Appearances In Your Business

Appearance matters in business – how you compose yourself can help to convince people that you are credible and proficient. Here are five aspects of your business that you should always ensure look good.

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Your physical appearance

When meeting new potential clients, dressing the part can help to persuade a client to do business with you. How you should dress depends a lot on the nature of your business – some lines of work are likely to be more formal than others. Even in the most casual jobs, you may still want to avoid dressing too shabbily – keeping your clothes clean, close-fitting and free of creases can help to make you look presentable and professional.

There are hacks that further help to make you look credible. Wearing a watch can make you seem more time-conscious and organized, whilst bring an umbrella around with you can keep you dry and stop you getting caught in a surprise shower (you don’t want to meet a client looking like a drowned rat). You can even experiment with color psychology – some people have found that red is the brilliant persuasive color for roles such as sales, whilst blue is the perfect calming color for counseling roles.


Your office

If clients have to come into your office, you should ensure that this is always kept tidy and presentable. Clutter can give the impression that you are disorganized, so try and find a home for everything even if it’s a case of hiding things out of sight. Many offices have a designated space for meeting clients – adding a few comforts here such as cozy chairs and good lighting could help to make clients feel at ease. Above all, keep on top of cleanliness.

The exterior of your office should also not be ignored. Signage installation and commercial roof maintenance could be worth investing in – if people don’t have a good first impression they may turn away before they’ve even entered the door. Security features such as CCTV and tinted windows will meanwhile help to keep the wrong type of people away.

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Your online presence

You should also consider how your company composes itself visually online. A good-looking website will help to generate customers. Consider getting your website professionally designed if you haven’t already and ensure that it is mobile-friendly. An online presence isn’t just about having a website these days and it’s worth also taking steps to improve your search engine rankings as well as having social media pages. Investing in a digital marketing company could help to boost your online presence and make your stand out online.


Your equipment

The equipment you use can also make an impression on your clients. If you’ve got a company vehicle, make sure that this is regularly cleaned and maintained. You don’t need to turn up to clients in a sporty car – in some trades, this can create the wrong impression by suggesting that you overcharge. As for other tools, try to keep these well maintained too.



bossprincess101 business

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